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Eye Secure


What Is Eye Secure?

An email system that comes with SSL encryption, spam filter & anti-virus protection.

Eye Secure email uses the same security used by banks such as MasterCard & VISA
256-bit SSL/TLS encryption ensures maximum security
Stay VIRUS FREE with included ICSA-Certified virus scanner
BLOCK SPAM with user-configurable challenge/response system and advanced spam filter
Works with any web browser or standard email client. (Outlook, etc.)
EyeSecure can work either over the Web or through your standard email client. Many of our clients use both, using, for example, secure POP mail at their main or "home" PC, and using secure Webmail when using a PC at work or when traveling.

Through either method, with EyeSecure you are using an RSA-powered SSL/TLS, the most powerful and secure form of SSL available. At the connection point, well before any login or password information is entered, you are communicating over a secure channel.