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Mobile website design


The Importance of Mobile Websites

Today, more and more people rely on mobile devices to browse the internet due to their convenience and accessibility. What does having a mobile compatible website mean? It means that users can not only view your website on their phone as it was intended to be seen with no loss of information or visual distortion, but also that they are immediately presented with the important information about your company that they are looking for on the go, without everything they DON'T need at that particular time. A well-designed mobile site gives them the ability to call you by simply tapping your phone number, to find you by tapping your address, to learn about your practice and to send you a message - all done quickly, easily and without the clutter of a full non-mobile website.

"In 2013, penetration will reach the halfway mark, and by 2014, 142.1 million users, representing 53.9% of the US mobile user population, will access the internet using mobile browsers or applications.