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Understanding Internet Marketing

Medical Marketing Services

Glacial Multimedia can be your Internet marketing quarterback! With over 15 years of Internet marketing planning experience, our top consultants can develop a customized gameplan that will generate leads for your practice. After reviewing your marketplace and doing an Internet presence SWOT analysis we start to carefully choose the media that will be rolled out in the BLITZ package.

Looking for doctors has never been easier than it is today. In the old days, you had to look in the yellow pages to find an eye care practitioner near you, and there was no way to know what kind of service they offered. You had to choose whatever was closest and easiest. Now, the Internet offers you a number of ways to not only find eye doctors online but to find out more information about them.

From various amounts of research, we are able to ascertain that patients are now researching significant amounts of healthcare information online. By the end of 2011 over 83.2% of the baby boomer population was using the web to find healthcare information. So whether you are treating young or older patients you can bet they will be using the web to not only find physicians but to also research a particular health issue. According to Pew Internet and American Life Research Projects, 40% of e-Patients with chronic conditions say they or someone they know has been significantly helped by following online medical advice. Additionally, 46% of Internet users interviewed say they will use the web the next time they have a medical inquiry.

Analyzing the Playing Field

Of major importance to the success of any practice's Internet marketing efforts is the competitive landscape. This element will often play a factor in cost and overall success. Glacial Multimedia is a leader in this heavily competitive market with our extensive experience in achieving lead generation success and high-level search engine positioning following medical website design. As a direct result of this experience, we can help our clients understand what they face from both a cost and an implementation perspective. The nature of Internet marketing is such that it does not lend itself to a generic, one-size-fits-all