Interactive Online Self-Tests

A beautiful website design is just the beginning of the journey. To increase lead acquisition and acquire new patients for your practice, our developers at Glacial Multimedia are consistently innovating to provide new product tools to help your practice grow.

The Self-Test Suite is a series of products that capture ophthalmic leads through engaging ‘quiz-style’ questions – these help to increase SEO equity by increasing time spent on the website, and mandatory fields like email and phone number give the practice an actionable lead to follow up on and send more information.

Features Include:

  • Interactive forms that fill the screen without exiting your websiite to enhance engagement
  • Custom branding with practice logo
  • Database access that stores lead information and performance metrics
  • Personal Self-Test link to use across social media, landing pages, and more.

View the Self-Test Demos Yourself!

The LASIK Self Test

Potential patients can evaluate their candidacy for LASIK eye surgery by filling this online self-test. Questions indicate likeliness of candidacy, while patient answers give practices an idea of alternative options should they be indicated to not be a likely candidate for LASIK. This test is proven to be effective when used on our client’s websites and landing pages. In May 2015, a beta client received 45 LASIK Self Test leads using our traditional, form style test.

In May 2016 (with the new, interactive form) the beta client had received 250 LASIK Self Test leads using the very same advertising budget!

The Cataract (IOL) Self-Test:

Similar to the LASIK self test, this engagement tool evaluates candidacy for cataract surgery. This allows practices to capture the cataract demographic through interactive form leads. Give likely candidates a call to schedule their consultation, or use their email address to send information and answer questions regarding cataract eye surgery.

The Dry Eye Self-Test

Based on the SPEED questionaire, the Dry Eye Self-Test was built to help patients learn more about their Dry Eye symptoms from anywhere they are, before the come in for their appointment. This engagement tool lets the practice get pateints involved in the journey to releiving their dry eye symptoms in an easy, no-preassure way.

The RLE Self Test

The refractive lens exchange self test is an interactive tool that allows individuals to evaluate their candidacy for refractive lens exchange surgery, a procedure similar to cataract surgery. This allows ophthalmology practices to capture leads for refractive lens exchange. Individuals who complete the self-test can choose to provide their contact information, allowing the practice to call them directly to schedule a consultation or send informational materials about refractive lens exchange via email. This self-guided test allows practices to identify and engage with potential refractive lens exchange patients seeking an alternative to glasses and contacts through surgery.

The NEW LASIK Calculator

We all know that LASIK can save people precious money, and this tool puts it into perspective for your potential patients. This tool prompts users to fill in annual costs affiliated with their use of glasses and contact lenses, and calculates approximate lifetime savings with LASIK eye surgery.

Not only does this test capture leads for the practice from interested parties, but it also shows potential patients that LASIK really pays!