Webinar Recording: Boost Your Business Locally with MDprospects and Glacial Multimedia!

Posted on March 6, 2024

Did you miss the MDprospects and Glacial Multimedia webinar about how to maximize your local search profiles and reviews? Dive deep with MDprospects CEO Michelle Pelletier and Local SEO Specialist Jeffrey Kustron from Glacial Multimedia as we share groundbreaking strategies to optimize your local search profiles, harness the power of online reviews, and build unwavering […]

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Glacial Multimedia Launches Dedicated Digital PR Department

Posted on February 14, 2024

Glacial Multimedia is excited to announce that we’re expanding our service offerings by launching a new Digital PR department. Although we’ve always been an industry leader in healthcare marketing, taking the lead in Digital PR is a strategic addition. This reflects our commitment to providing practices with comprehensive, forward-thinking digital marketing solutions. Keep reading to […]

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The Ten ‘Must-Haves’ For An Excellent LASIK Website [2024]

Posted on January 9, 2024

With over twenty years of experience in ophthalmology marketing, we have seen and created our fair share of LASIK websites. We’ve watched three worlds develop and advance: the fields of ophthalmology, digital marketing, and web development, and as a company have worked hard to be at the forefront of all three. How do these fields […]

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5 Ways to Promote Patient Usage of Online Scheduling

Posted on December 18, 2023

An easy-to-use online scheduling system enables healthcare providers to meet patients where they already are: online. Clearwave, the Patient Revenue Platform™ for high-growth practices, provides online scheduling software to make it easy for patients to book appointments 24/7. The benefits for healthcare organizations are immense.  Online scheduling can reduce no-shows, improve scheduling efficiency and accuracy, […]

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9 of the Best Medical Website Designs You Have to See

Posted on October 12, 2023

When it comes to your healthcare organization’s online presence, the medical website design is arguably the most critical element. It acts as the digital front door of your practice, with the power to attract new patients just by making an outstanding first impression. Whether patients know it or not, your medical website design sets subconscious […]

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9 of the Best Medical Website Designs You Have to See

Search Generative Experience and Medical Queries – What Does Google SGE Say?

Posted on September 28, 2023

What is Search Generative Experience? Search Generative Experience (SGE) is an experimental Google Search feature that uses AI to provide a new style of search results. SGE understands search intent and generates comprehensive, real-time answers by using sourced text, images, and video in tailored results to users the very top of the page. If you […]

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21 Healthcare Website Design Examples, Tips & Techniques

Posted on May 29, 2023

Healthcare website design is critical for medical organizations looking to compete in today’s digital landscape. For doctors and providers of all types, your website design allows you to better communicate your services, increase visibility online, and turn more visitors into patients. This requires combining attractive visuals, user-friendly interfaces, and valuable content like media and informative […]

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Healthcare Website Design - Best Practice Examples

Webinar: Modernizing Referral Management

Posted on April 28, 2023

During this webinar you can expect to learn about the pain points practices experience with referral management, new software technology available to simplify the referral process as well as information about reverse co-management and payment separation. Speakers: Michael Dobkowski, CoFounder and CEO of Glacial Multimedia Holly Venetos, Director at Clear Advantage and Eyesight NH Sean […]

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