Local Search Marketing

Why You Need Local Search

More and more people are performing online searches to determine where they do their business, particularly in a crowded service industry like medicine. As time moves on it is becoming crucially important for your business to place itself in the online community. Multiple practices in your area are all vying for a piece of the neighborhood pie and if you’re not listed, you are losing out to those who are.

Some Facts about Local Search

  • 61% of local searches lead to a successful transaction – TMP/comScore
  • 82% of local searchers follow-up their online search by visiting the nearby store or by a phone call – TMP/comScore
  • 76% of Internet users first look at Local Search or map area of the 1st page, then Organic and last Paid – Neilson, 2009
  • 54% of Americans have substituted yellow page phone books with the Internet and local search – comScore Networks
  • 57% of Internet users research online, purchase offline – NPD Group
  • It gives your local business a huge potential and an ever-increasing local customer base
  • It can drive your business to a new height.

SEO.com conducted a study which demonstrated that 60% of consumers believe Local Search results are the most relevant and trustworthy sources of information, outranking newspapers, word of mouth, local television and radio ads, specialty websites and social media. More than half of local searches end up contacting the business to learn more, and around 25 percent will make a purchase.

Local Search results, that funny section of search results with the addresses and balloons, has replaced the phone book for how people find everything from household services (plumbers, electricians, doggy daycare) to entertainment (dinner out, live events, group functions) to medical services (pediatricians, eye care, general practice). Reaching your potential clients has changed from advertising your business in the traditional forms of print, television and hosting live events to creating a presence online. Essentially in the world of today, if your business isn’t listed, more importantly, if you do not show up in the first page of listings, your business is, quite simply, losing business.

Glacial Multimedia offers a full range of services to not only list your business but also make sure you are seen again and again. With our Local Search campaigns, we ensure your online presence is fully optimized, adding an additional piece of the online puzzle. We make sure your business consistently shows up for the people looking for the types of services your business offers. We will work with you to construct a campaign that fits your monthly budget and allows you to be seen over and over again as people perform their online research. From creating a simple online presence to an aggressive campaign involving reviews and third party site citations, our Local Search manager will work closely with your practice to stay on top of the ever-changing world of Local Search Optimization.

Local SEO simply is a technique to aim to get your business name, website, address, contact numbers and business location in front of the people that are most likely to use it; those who are physically located near it.

Our clients have seen nothing but positive results in working with us to create their online presence. Please contact our Local Search Manager for further information on how Glacial can help you make your practice one of the first choices people see when they are searching. Let us help you make sure your business correctly transitions into the ever-changing world of online marketing.