Internet Marketing Planning

Searching for doctors and medical information online has never been easier than it is today. With a quick search, any user can find websites, articles, reviews, and more regarding your practice, services, and the competition right down the road. When this happens, is your practice appearing in its best light?

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

All good marketing begins with a strategy, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. With over fifteen years of internet marketing planning experience, we can help your medical practice create a roadmap for success. With a focus on branding, visibility, and conversions, our marketing planning can help to generate leads and get new patients through the door!

Glacial Multimedia’s top marketing consultants will work to analyze your online presence, examining social media networks, online visibility, SEO strategy, website performance, paid click campaigns, and more. We review your marketplace and competition, too, to establish the tools and strategy needed to help your practice best succeed. The tools available for digital marketing success are boundless and are changing all the time. Elements involved in planning a thorough digital marketing plan are displayed in Glacial’s Internet Marketing Planning Chart, displayed below:

Teaming Up for Success

To succeed, you need a team to help get you to the top – not a nameless ‘support’ email, and definitely not a ‘sorry, we don’t do that’ when you need something outside of our playbook.

Every business we work with is assigned an Internet Marketing Consultant. This consultant is your guide to internet marketing success and will provide guidance on campaign performance, internet marketing strategy, and provide updates regarding online trends. Even if you do not do marketing services with us, these consultants are available to help you strategize your website and provide guidance to help your practice succeed. Think of it as having a marketing consultant – for free. We find that having a point-person to guide your practice on best practices and strategies is monumental to ongoing success.

In addition to providing consultants and specialists to help plan your online marketing strategy, Glacial Multimedia works with countless businesses in the medical marketing field. For practices in search of patient financing resources, online scheduling options, patient education tools, eCommerce, and more, Glacial Multimedia has a variety of recommended vendors and industry experts that can help your business to find success and fill any gaps in your digital strategy.

We know that online marketing is far from one-size-fits-all. To us, this is why establishing a strong relationship with your practice is so important. Our goal is to establish a deep understanding of your practice, market, and competition, because only once we understand these three factors can we create a plan that will succeed.

To begin implementing strategies that work for your medical practice, contact Glacial Multimedia today to schedule a free website analysis and digital marketing consultation.