“One of my favorite quotes is from Ralph Waldo Emerson, which states, “Make yourself necessary to somebody.” This is exactly what Glacial has done in the way of medical website design and optimization. Throughout our lengthy research process on which SEO company to use, they stuck with us, answering all of our questions and relieving any concerns. From the first point of contact, all the way to completion of the website, they have been there to ensure that our expectations are being met. Moving from the index to page one in such a short amount of time has competitively placed Discover Vision in the customer’s first line of sight. In the eye care industry, YOU JUST CAN’T BEAT SERVICE LIKE THAT.
Chris Lewman, Director of Marketing
Discover Vision Centers – Kansas City
“Glacial Multimedia came to our practice a little over three years ago. They worked with our marketing and administrative team to develop a STRONG INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY for our total practice. The end result was very positive as our cataract and refractive surgery referrals from the Internet have increased significantly. We have experienced an increase in quarter over quarter cataract and refractive surgery volume since the launch of our new medical website design and SEO strategy. In short, we are very pleased with our relationship with Glacial Multimedia and their team has helped our practice build a strong and effective Internet brand at Minnesota Eye Consultants.”
Richard L. Lindstrom, MD
Minnesota Eye Consultants
“The guys at Glacial have been an enormous force in improving our web presence. They are CURRENT, INNOVATIVE AND RESPONSIVE in their approach to customizing web solutions for us. I don’t know what we would do without Michael, Onur and the entire Glacial team!”
D. Rex Hamilton, MD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Director
UCLA Laser Refractive Center
Ken Moadel, MD
New York Eye Specialists
“Whether it is a web design for Ophthalmology, Autism or Honduras, Glacial Multimedia can handle the challenge. For me, they are above all equals. THEY HAVE CUTTING-EDGE WEB TECHNOLOGY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. What more can I say?”
Ron David, MD
BEST WEB CONSULTANT….in fact best consultant, I have ever worked with in my 21 years in business. Their creativity and customer service is unmatched by any other vendor I use.
Their ability to increase our company’s gross revenue was outstanding. In this tough economy, their work to help increase revenues for us is extremely valuable.”
John Kovak, Business Director
Midwest Derm Laser & Vein Centre
“After working with Glacial Multimedia for almost 10 years I feel that our image has been elevated to a high level to the point that we compete very well with our competitors. THIS COMPANY HAS PROVIDED US WITH A COMPLETE BRANDING SOLUTION AND DEVELOPED A VERY COMPREHENSIVE CD-ROM, WEBSITE, BROCHURE, AND PRODUCTIVE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION PROGRAM. This company is the most professional design and marketing company that Precision LASIK group has ever worked with. I would recommend Glacial Multimedia to any medical practice seeking to improve their image and positions on the Internet.”
Hilary Worster
Precision LASIK Group
“Working with Glacial Multimedia on our new website was a positive experience from start to finish. They came up with a great plan for the design, layout, and content to maximize our products and company information. Adam Pelletier was assigned as our main contact person for additions and changes during and after the building process. Anything I gave to him was done almost instantaneously! Often I would go back to our website to look for other modifications and to my surprise; the changes I gave him five minutes earlier were already completed. NOW THAT’S CUSTOMER SERVICE!
Linda Norling
Precision Lens, Bloomington, MN
I HAVE ENJOYED WORKING WITH YOU GUYS AT GLACIAL MULTIMEDIA. I think your company has been very responsive to my needs and worked with me in a reasonable and professional fashion. I give you my highest endorsement and I would be happy to recommend Glacial Media to your future clients.”
Dr. Srini Mutyala
Weston Laser Institute