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Stahl Eyecare Experts

Only Stahl Has It All!

Stahl Eye Care Experts has been around for over 5 decades. Founded by Norman Stahl the practice is now operated by Marc Werner, MD. Thierry Hufnagel, MD and Benjamin Chang, MD. Together these 3 ophthalmologists cover a wide span of comprehensive ophthalmology. The core competency of this practice is refractive surgery, however; they are strong in all areas of ophthalmology including cataract surgery.

What we did?

We have worked with Stahl for some time and helped them move from expensive traditional media buys to a digital only game plan. Occasionally, we will assist with some traditional media items via some Glacial partners but for the most part this is a digital first approach. We have built two medical websites since we started working with the practice, and have had the pleasure of enhancing their organic rankings across the board. A critical victory for the practice has been improving rankings for the term ‘LASIK Long Island’ in Google from page two to the number one search result.

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