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Medical Website Design

Glacial Multimedia creates award-winning medical website designs. Made with the patient in mind, our websites are custom designed to capture your brand and set the stage for an incredible patient experience. We believe that patient education, beautiful design, and user experience are not mutually exclusive concepts. Glacial Multimedia is proud to specialize in medical website design, building websites that both wow audiences and help our clients to bring in new patients to their practices. Different Versions of the Boston Laser Website At Glacial, we provide custom-tailored solutions and invite each client to become an active participant in the website design process. We take pride in launching each website as a unique representation of the practice it was built for, and focus on the small details that make each of our site designs stand out from the crowd. Every website begins with an in-depth discussion of our client’s vision, brand, and goals, and we work diligently to transform that vision into a reality.

Our team of industry professionals will guide you along the way.

From start to finish, you are surrounded by a team of strategic Internet marketing specialists and top-notch designers. We strive to ensure each website we produce is user friendly, effective on mobile, fast, and functional. To make your website work harder for you, we will also incorporate our time-tested design methodology for bringing the practice new patients, helping to push your practice ahead of the competition. The medical industry is constantly shifting, and Glacial Multimedia works to stay on top of critical compliance and accessibility trends. With each medical website design we produce, we will advise our clients on ways to stay on top of HIPAA compliance, ADA standards, website security, and more. Our staff is 100% HIPAA certified, and prepared to have critical discussions regarding the security of your patients’ information.

We are committed to the principles that set our business apart.

Being different is one of our biggest strengths. Today, options for digital agencies seem endless, but few provide custom-tailored solutions, industry specialization, and a team of strategic design and marketing specialists dedicated to your success. After your website has launched, we maintain our commitment to you by providing each client a dedicated Internet Marketing Consultant, regardless of whether or not you choose to do marketing services with Glacial. We will continue to provide insights on your website performance, updates on industry trends, and advice for continuing to get the most out of your website from Glacial Multimedia. It’s time for a website that represents your practice, wows your users, and acts as an effective lead generating tool. Contact Glacial Multimedia today to get started!
5 Reasons to Choose Glacial Multimedia, Inc. for your custom website

1. Our clients own the designs we create for them.

We believe that if you pay us for a job, you should own the work.

2. Our customized websites are attractive and functional

Our team is committed to creating custom, responsive websites only. We do not use templates, and all of our designs are responsive and mobile-friendly. Take a look at some of our recent website designs in our online portfolio!

3. We do not tie clients into mandatory long-term contracts for our marketing services

Have you ever been dissatisfied with a company’s work, but tied into a contract for months or even years? We strive to produce outstanding results for our clients, and believe that should be enough to keep your business – we don’t want to force it.

4. We are a one-stop-shop for medical marketing design and marketing

At Glacial, we don’t only design websites – we are at the forefront of digital marketing in the medical industry. We employ a wide range of marketing specialists, creative graphic designers, business strategists and software engineers that team up to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. Glacial services practices from all specialties, such as LASIK & ophthalmology, bariatrics, aesthetics, orthopedics, and dermatology.

5. We have worked in the medical field for over 18 years, developing websites for practices small and large, universities, nonprofits, and corporations alike.

We have worked successfully with a wide range of clientele in the medical industry. By working with each client closely to determine their goals and terms of success, we have cultivated a versatile approach to website design and medical marketing. We refuse to be complacent, and continue to push the envelope and maintain a high standard for design and functionality. Combining the best of technology, design, and internet marketing, our team of specialized individuals create ideas that succeed.
The 4 Phases of Website Development at Glacial
Creating an incredible, functional website design takes time and teamwork. To reach each client’s unique business goals, it is crucial to develop a brand concept and strategy to connect your practice with its target audience. Forget templated, cookie-cutter designs – these only restrict practices and make it difficult to stand out from the crowd, creating an ill representation of the business. Over time, Glacial has developed a 4-phase approach to our custom medical website designs. Chart showing the 4 phases of website development: Discovery, Design, Programming, Finalization

1. Discovery & Navigation

During Discovery & Navigation, your Project Manager will work with you to identify your practice goals, differentiators, and identity. Together, we will map out design concepts and branding to help to make your website truly unique. We will help you to identify your website sitemap, a process during which your feedback and engagement help us to ensure the website is true to your practice. We discuss procedures and services to highlight and place a great emphasis on the website conversion factors that will help you to bring in patients that best fit your practice’s patient persona. During this phase, we additionally plan the content that will be highlighted on the homepage and implemented in your initial design.

2. Design

Design is where our team takes the concepts from phase one and begins to bring them to life. During this phase, our web designers take the information set forth during Discover & Navigation and form sample designs for your review. In most cases, we create 2-3 designs to present to each client with elements discussed during discovery, combining the practice’s vision and our expertise. We will present our initial designs, and make modifications based on practice feedback and collaboration. Here, you will begin to see your medical website design come to life!

3. Programming

Phase 3 occurs once you have approved our designs for the homepage and inner pages of the website. Here, we begin to code the website. This process may take time; our coders take meticulous care to ensure that your website functions well on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and everything in-between.

4. Finalization

During the final phase of your website development project, we add all of the content to your website and format each with photos, videos, and audio elements. We browser test your website at this junction to ensure it is fully functional, regardless of where users are viewing from. We will optimize the website for great site speed, and prepare the site for any marketing initiatives we may be completing for the client, particularly SEO. Once the website has been finalized, you are welcome to review the site, read through its content, and make edits to the final product before we launch. Then, it’s time to celebrate your beautiful new website and share it with the world.
Glacial’s Top 10 Tips for a Great Medical Website

1. Embrace Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design is critical! Responsive means that a website has been designed and coded in a manner that functions well on all devices, regardless of the size of the screen. Today, the world is dominated by mobile usage, and not having a mobile-friendly design can lose a practice site visitors and, ultimately, patients. Responsive website design is actually better for your SEO! If you still have a fixed-width website, it’s time to upgrade.

2. Engage Your Users with Compelling Call-to-Action

Engagement objects are features on a website intended to help a business capture leads. In the medical industry, this means engaging users in a way that helps move them from general interest toward an appointment or surgery. Glacial Multimedia uses a variety of time-tested engagement tools, such as forms and self-tests, that act as great tools both for patients and the practice. Call-to-action (think: download now, take the test, request an appointment) that is intelligently and strategically placed on a website helps drive users to engage. If you are not using features such as self-test or scheduling apps, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity to bring more patients into your medical practice.

3. Include features that allow your audience to comfortably access content

Keep your web visitors comfortable by including features such as font resizers, contrast toggle, and text to speech. Making sure your site is accessible to all users allows your content to be accessed across the board.

4. Implement an SSL Encryption Certificate

Any healthcare website should have a secure sockets layer (SSL), an encryption feature that helps to keep your website secure. Google has begun to warn users attempting to access sites without this security feature. SSL encryption is very inexpensive, and a no-brainer for any medical practice.

5. Website Forms and Self-Tests Need to be HIPAA Compliant

Any place on your website that asks for ePHI (electronic patient health information) must be HIPAA compliant. Forms with birthdates, addresses, insurance-related questions, etc. must be encrypted and secure.

6. Forms Should Be Sent to a Secure Place

HIPAA regulations require that website forms sent to a secure environment, not directly to the practice email. In other words, users must log in to a secure server in order to access the information.

7. Show off the Good!

Web-pages that display positive online reviews are a big win. By collecting your online reviews and displaying them in one location, users can easily learn about other patient experiences in your office. Many online reputation softwares available today allow users to filter results on their websites, pull in reviews from popular review sites, and request reviews online.

8. Keep it minimal, but modern.

Minimal design isn’t just a trend – it helps users to find information quickly and with ease. Evidence suggests that busy websites can cause cognitive overload, reducing time spent on a website and affecting conversions. Glacial can help you to design a beautiful, sleek website that engages leads without making users feel overwhelmed.

9. Strategize Your Inner-Page Content

It’s tempting to just fill the space and think about it later, but website content is just as important to a user’s experience as design. Thorough content is great for SEO, but it is important to keep your content conversational and easy to digest. Elements like photos, videos, quotes, etc. help to keep users engaged and break up reading time. If you don’t have the time to write compelling content, Glacial has on-staff copywriters available to assist with what can be a daunting task. We know medical and can help create content that is both engaging and well-optimized.

10. Use a Great CMS, and Take Care with Edits

A CMS (or content management system) can be extremely useful. A great content management system can allow you to make simple changes and update text. When making edits on a website, though, respect the design. If an edit seems tricky, you can always seek out the help of a professional.
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