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Responsive medical websites

Let Us Help Increase Your Patient Volume

ActivateYour Digital Practice Strategy

Responsive medical websites

Let Us Help Increase Your Patient Volume
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20 years of helping physicians build practices

Glacial Multimedia is a medical marketing agency specialized in medical website design, search engine optimization, internet marketing, social media and internet marketing strategy. We employ cutting-edge technology and thinking to bridge the gaps between medical brands and their customers.

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Web Design

Custom medical websites hand designed and coded for your unique brand.

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Organic SEO, and high ROI paid search campaigns on Google, Facebook and more.

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Social Media

Content creation, marketing and distribution on the most effective social media sites.

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Other Services

From custom video shoots, to comprehensive internet marketing plans.

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Medical Website Design

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Glacial Multimedia creates award-winning medical website designs. If you want a custom website that converts more patient leads while showcasing what makes you unique as a medical provider, look no further than our team of top medical website designers and developers.

Because we are focused specifically in the medical industry, our custom website designs are made with your patients in mind. Our team of experts will also build your website to follow essential governmental guidelines.

Our team specializes in creating websites that are HIPAA compliant, follow ADA guidelines, and ensure that your patients have a fully accessible web experience from start to finish.

In addition to our websites being completely custom and following critical compliance standards, all websites built with Glacial Multimedia are built to be fast, mobile friendly, and to convert leads.

Contact Glacial Multimedia today for a website that is custom designed to capture your brand and set the stage for an excellent patient experience. Patient education, beautiful design, and user experience should never be mutually exclusive.

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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective methods for increasing search visibility and attracting new patients. Our industry-leading team of medical SEO strategists can help your practice appear for relevant keywords pertaining to your practice, driving overall practice growth.

Through a combination of technical SEO, content optimization, and local search strategies, we can help your website get found through organic search results, while leading to an increase in patient volume.

Whether you are trying to out-rank your competitors on Google search or you are simply trying to maintain strong ranking results, we will develop and execute an SEO game plan to help your practice succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our medical SEO specialists take a customized approach to each website we optimize, resulting in locally optimized rankings that increases your website traffic and conveys your brand, services, and expertise to your audience.

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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing is integral when it comes to establishing your brand in today's digital world. With an effective social media strategy, you can strengthen relationships with your patients, improve your online reputation, and better reach your community.

Maintaining a consistent, engaging social media presence can be challenging for medical practices, and clients often don’t know where to begin. This results in inactive social accounts that do more harm than good for your practice.

Glacial Multimedia Inc. offers a cost-effective approach to keeping your social media accounts up to date and filled with relevant information for your current and prospective patients. Utilizing top platforms like Facebook and Instagram, our team of social media specialists can help you build your audience and brand.

Our team specializes in social media copywriting, custom social posting, and creative ad design and maintenance. We have extensive experience running social media advertising campaigns to build your brand and increase your patient lead volume.

The budgets associated with social media campaigns are typically lower than other advertising alternatives, and our social media specialists are able to make effective budget recommendations to keep your practice competitive.

With social media marketing at Glacial Multimedia, we can help your practice stay connected, reaching a relevant target audience that drives practice growth.

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Medical Content Marketing

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For practices looking to take their digital marketing strategy to the next level, content marketing is the perfect way to do it. Content marketing is part of any successful digital marketing strategy.

By creating high quality and authoritative content, it can be the boost that you need to get your practice and your medical website noticed. Content marketing is most successful when combined with a strong social media and SEO presence.

These tools work together to help your practice get the best results and visibility necessary. Content marketing is anything that involves creating content that informs and educates your audience and potential leads.

This can include long-form content, pillar pages, whitepapers, and even videos. The goal is to create engaging content that your audience wants to share.

Good content will naturally drive traffic to your website, eventually leading to better SEO rankings. Content marketing is a process, but it is a powerful tool when implemented correctly.

Iterested in learning more about how content marketing could help your practice? Glacial Multimedia can help you create a winning content marketing strategy!

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Paid Search

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a proven way to put your business directly in front of potential patients who are searching for your services. It’s also an incredibly valuable tool for driving brand awareness, traffic, and most importantly, conversions. Paid advertising will help you rise to the top in a competitive market.

As a Google Premier Partner, Glacial Multimedia works side by side with Google to help practices grow their revenue through data-driven digital paid search campaigns. With the ever changing digital landscape, we aim to better understand our digital environment. Glacial’s methodology and data are key to the successes of our clients with proven keyword lists and curated content on landing pages.

Because of our medical niche, we are conscientious of our clients goals as well as the challenges and restrictions that come with medical marketing. Our team will work with you prior to launch to plan a list of goals and challenges in order to maximize the success of your campaign. The ultimate objective is to capture high-quality leads that will result in more business for your practice.

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Marketing Strategy

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While we are well known for creating great medical websites, our core strength resides in lead generation for our clients. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare marketing strategy, Glacial Multimedia can help your practice create a roadmap for success. Our top medical marketing consultants will help you to develop a custom plan that generates leads and increases your patient volume.

To develop your custom online strategy, our team of digital marketing experts will analyze your website performance, online visibility, reputation, branding, social media presence, SEO strategy, and paid advertising. We will review your market and competition, as well, to make sure that we can provide the best recommendations and ensure your success.

Today, your patients are seeking answers online more than ever: they are gathering medical advice, asking sensitive health questions, and looking for the best providers in their area. Maximizing your visibility online and presenting your audience with a beautiful, informative website design is the best way to ensure that potential patients in your area will find you.

Glacial Multimedia provides medical marketing strategy for some of the best practices in the United States. For healthcare marketing that really works, contact Glacial Multimedia and receive a free website analysis and digital marketing consultation.

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Marketing Benchmarks for Medical Practices

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Glacial Multimedia was the very first ophthalmology website design company to benchmark over 100 practices and can provide critical benchmarking data for medical practices.

Our hands on approach to website analytics allows us to provide hosting control panel data, Google analytics data, and Google Ad and Facebook Advertising data.

Our experience in medical marketing can help provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of marketing benchmarks your practice should be meeting that indicate success.

From successful budgeting to understanding if your website is performing on par with industry standards, we can provide you with critical data to support your marketing decision-making.

Understanding your medical website visitors is vital in running a successful practice website. Knowing where your visitors came from, what they are looking for, and how easy or difficult it was for them to find what they were looking for is very important when it comes to maximizing your website’s potential.

Practices that choose Glacial Multimedia can rest assured that we are constantly innovating and making decisions based on proven data from hundreds of successful medical practices around the United States and abroad.

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We believe in sharing information. We believe in education. We believe in enlightenment. We believe in evolution.

Using AI & Machine Learning for Medical SEO
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Posted on Monday May 02, 2022

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Who We Are

Award winning full service digital agency

Glacial Multimedia is an experienced digital medical marketing agency utilizing a wide array of talent to achieve our customers goals. We combine programmers, designers, marketers, copywriters, strategists, consultants, and IT professionals to provide a high quality digital marketing experience for our customers. 

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Clients about us

Chris Lewman

"One of my favorite quotes is from Ralph Waldo Emerson, which states, "Make yourself necessary to somebody." This is exactly what Glacial has done in the way of medical website design and optimization. Throughout our lengthy research process on which SEO company to use, they stuck with us, answering all of our questions and relieving any concerns. From the first point of contact, all the way to completion of the website, they have been there to ensure that our expectations are being met. Moving from the index to page one in such a short amount of time has competitively placed Discover Vision in the customer's first line of sight. In the eye care industry, YOU JUST CAN'T BEAT SERVICE LIKE THAT.”

Chris Lewman, Director of Marketing
Discover Vision Centers - Kansas City
Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

"Glacial Multimedia came to our practice a little over three years ago. They worked with our marketing and administrative team to develop a STRONG INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY for our total practice. The end result was very positive as our cataract and refractive surgery referrals from the Internet have increased significantly. We have experienced an increase in quarter over quarter cataract and refractive surgery volume since the launch of our new medical web site design and SEO strategy. In short, we are very pleased with our relationship with Glacial Multimedia and their team has helped our practice build a strong and effective Internet brand at Minnesota Eye Consultants."

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD
Minnesota Eye Consultants
D. Rex Hamilton, MD

“It’s important for the UCLA Laser Refractive Center to work with a CREDIBLE PARTNER. We are now at the top of the search for LASIK Los Angeles.

D. Rex Hamilton, MD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Director
UCLA Laser Refractive Center
Carlos Martinez, MD

“With so many mediocre choices, I prefer the QUALITY AND EXPERIENCE that this company brings to the table.”

Carlos Martinez, MD
Eye Physicians of Long Beach
Brett Katzen, MD

“The MARKETING CONSULTING that Glacial Multimedia brought to our practice has been VERY VALUABLE.”

Brett Katzen, MD
Katzen Eye Group of Baltimore
Brett Katzen, MD

"Glacial CREATED A COMPREHENSIVE WEB-BASED SECURE SURVEY SYSTEM to help us collect, analyze, and report valuable information in our global LASIK vs. Contact Lenses study. Glacial created a user-friendly system for us and we’ve been pleased with how RESPONSIVE AND EASY they are TO WORK WITH.”

Brett Katzen, MD
Katzen Eye Group of Baltimore
Glenn Campbell, MD

“The DESIGN TALENT here continues TO SET THE STANDARDS for our industry.”

Glenn Campbell, MD
Advanced Vision Institute
Curtis Libby, MD

“Glacial helped us with a complete package of INTERNET MARKETING SERVICES THAT ATTRACT MORE LEADS.”

Curtis Libby, MD
Maine Eye Center
Ron David, MD

"Whether it is a web design for Ophthalmology, Autism or Honduras, Glacial Multimedia can handle the challenge. For me they are above all equals. They have CUTTING EDGE WEB TECHNOLOGY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. What more can I say?"

Ron David, MD
John Kovak

"Best Web fact best consultant, I have ever worked with in my 21 years in business. Their creativity and customer service is unmatched with any other vendor I use.

Their ABILITY TO INCREASE OUR COMPANY'S GROSS REVENUE was outstanding. In this tough economy their work to help increase revenues for us is extremely valuable."

John Kovak, Business Director
Midwest Derm Laser & Vein Centre
Linda Norling

"Working with Glacial Multimedia on our new website was a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE FROM START TO FINISH. They came up with a great plan for the design, layout and content to maximize our products and company information. Adam Pelletier was assigned as our main contact person for additions and changes during and after the building process. Anything I gave to him was done almost instantaneously! Often I would go back to our website to look for other modifications and to my surprise; the changes I gave him five minutes earlier were already completed. NOW THAT’S CUSTOMER SERVICE!"

Linda Norling
Precision Lens, Bloomington, MN
Srini Mutyala, MD

"I have enjoyed working with you guys at Glacial Multimedia. I think your company has been VERY RESPONSIVE to my needs and worked with me in a reasonable and professional fashion. I give you my highest endorsement and I would be happy to recommend Glacial Media to your future clients."

Srini Mutyala, MD
Weston Laser Institute
Hilary Worster

"After working with Glacial Multimedia for almost 10 years I feel that our image has been elevated to a high level to the point that we compete very well with our competitors. This company has provided us with a complete branding solution and developed a very comprehensive CD-ROM, website, brochure, and productive search engine optimization program. This company is THE MOST PROFESSIONAL DESIGN AND MARKETING COMPANY that Precision LASIK group has ever worked with. I would recommend Glacial Multimedia to any medical practice seeking to improve their image and positions on the Internet."

Hilary Worster
Precision LASIK Group
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