Posted on February 14, 2024

Glacial Multimedia Launches Dedicated Digital PR Department

Glacial Multimedia is excited to announce that we’re expanding our service offerings by launching a new Digital PR department. Although we’ve always been an industry leader in healthcare marketing, taking the lead in Digital PR is a strategic addition. This reflects our commitment to providing practices with comprehensive, forward-thinking digital marketing solutions. Keep reading to learn more about our Digital PR department and what this will mean to Glacial as a whole!

The Evolving Importance of Digital PR

Led by Sarah Pierce and Alyssa Boothby, our Digital PR team combines solid copywriting, messaging, email campaigns, press releases, link building, organic social media, blogging, content creation, and influencer marketing. The department’s primary goal is to grow our clients’ digital footprints, establish their authority, and improve online visibility. We will add a new team member to help make the launch successful.

Having a website was once enough to stand out, but in today’s crowded digital space, it’s only the first step. Practices need a robust digital presence across various channels. 

Being easy to find and connect with makes these practices more likely to be top of mind, especially in the case of healthcare digital marketing. That’s where an effective digital PR strategy comes into play and can provide a much-needed boost. 

Digital PR is about leveraging media sources like your website, blogging, press releases, social shares, and user-generated content to increase awareness and drive growth. Unlike traditional PR, which focuses on print and broadcast, digital PR recognizes that a strong online presence is essential to success.

No matter which field, consumers can be found online to research and learn more about the brands, businesses, and practices they buy from. You need high visibility and authority to compete to succeed and stand out online. Digital PR provides the online engagement and credibility today’s buyers want.

Comprehensive Digital Services for Healthcare Clients

Glacial Multimedia understands the unique digital marketing needs of healthcare practices. Regulatory requirements, physician access, health literacy, and other factors make healthcare highly specialized.

Our dedicated Digital PR services are customized specifically for healthcare clients. We develop integrated strategies spanning websites, blogging, social media, email marketing, online reviews, partnerships, and more. These initiatives aim to:

  • Improve website traffic and search rankings
  • Establish thought leadership and credibility
  • Engage target audiences online
  • Amplify brand messaging across channels
  • Increase lead generation

Ultimately, our digital PR solutions help clients educate and connect with patients, physicians, payers, and other key stakeholders. We move beyond basic websites and ads to provide authentic digital engagement.

The Future of PR is Digital

Digital is no longer an optional component of an effective PR strategy. Instead, it is intertwined in every modern and successful public relations campaign. 

By establishing a Digital PR department, Glacial Multimedia acknowledges and embraces this as a new reality. We are excited to lead clients into the future of PR while leveraging the vast digital opportunities to help practices grow and engage their patients. Backed by a 20+ year foundation in healthcare marketing, our Digital PR team offers state-of-the-art online expertise and in-depth industry knowledge.

The department’s launch reflects our commitment to evolving alongside the modern healthcare landscape. Glacial will continue advancing our services as consumers and medical professionals consume information across new channels. Our Digital PR offerings are only the beginning as we shape the digital future of healthcare marketing.

Learn more about Glacial’s digital PR offerings and other services by contacting us to request a quote and take your marketing to the next level this year!