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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Thank You For Making Project Vision 2012 Possible

The following people and organizations have been instrumental in making Project Vision 2012 possible by way of hard work and financial contributions: The Partners at Glacial Multimedia, Inc.: Michael Dobkowski, Maxim Havlicek, and Onur Birsen. To Michael, for having the heart to invest the time and resources of Glacial Multimedia, Inc. into a humanitarian effort,… Read More

Honduras Day 7: Is There Hope For Honduras?

This morning, I was outlining my next blog article and the working title was “Skeptical Questions.” It had been a long, emotionally draining, week here in Honduras and one that I’m not sure was ending on a high note for me. For the past six months, I had faced rejection after rejection from the public… Read More

Honduras Day 6: Terrible and Wonderful Things

Last night I went to bed early enough to catch the last half of an Anthony Bourdain episode. He was following a river deep into the jungles of Malaysia, and the further he got, the more primal his experiences became. Much like Marlon Brando in the Heart of Darkness. It was one of Bourdain’s trippier… Read More

Honduras Day 5: Let The Story Tell Itself

When we arrived at the clinic this morning, the crowd outside the door had doubled in size from our first day here. The Honduran news media had been here to ask us questions the day before yesterday, and as I interview the patients, we hear more and more that they found out about the clinic… Read More

Honduras Day 3: Scouting Out The Money Trail

San Lorenzo is a two hour drive south from Toncontin Airport in Tegus. Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Ron David, Optometrists Norma and Brian, Stephanie our translator, and my filming partner Adam Pelletier arrived in mid-afternoon. The other half of the team, including Ophthalmologists Dr. Carlos Martinez and Dr. Jim Wheatley, is coming on another flight later… Read More

Honduras Days 1 & 2: Will The Real Tegucigalpa Please Stand Up

One of the first things you notice when you catch your connecting flight to a different country is the atmosphere of the flight itself. It’s no longer familiar. Yes, there are rows of seats with seatbelts neatly folded in place, and overhead bins and a tight aisle running down the middle just like on every… Read More

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