Posted on August 12, 2013

Clearwave Corporation and MDprospects Announce an Integrated Solution to Market Services Directly to Patients

(August 12, 2013) Atlanta, Georgia – Clearwave Corporation, the leading self-service patient registration kiosk and eligibility solution, today announced a partnership with MDprospects™, the revolutionary product designed specifically for physicians to capture, communicate and convert patient prospects.

Patients see targeted marketing questions at the kiosk and indicate their interest in receiving additional services from the physician. The particular questions shown to a patient can be targeted according to many criteria, including, but not limited to, patient age, gender, physician being seen and the reason for the patient visit. Questions can offer patients a selection of additional services or ask the patient if they would like more information on one specific service. The questions can be asked on a periodic basis as is appropriate for the practice. For example, we can ask the questions on every visit, once per year or once and never again.

When a patient indicates interest in a service (e.g., LASIK) at the kiosk, the lead information is sent to MDprospects™ in real time. MDprospects™ updates automatically and can send real-time SMS/texts to the appropriate physicians or staff members. The practice will know about leads instantaneously at the time of patient check-in.

Staff no longer needs to solicit patients about their interest in additional services that can improve a patient’s health and wellness. The kiosk will automatically communicate the right message to the right patients. MDprospects™ will take the patient lead information and help your physicians and staff members communicate additional information to the patients and convert the patient interest into additional services that will grow the practice.

“Communicating elective procedures effectively and directly to patients is always a challenge for busy medical practices. With this new offering, we have taken all of the guesswork and manual labor out of the process,” said Eric Anderson, Clearwave COO. “We will present, automatically, specific service options to the right patients at the kiosk. In a matter of seconds, patients will be able to quickly and easily let practices know if they are interested in additional services. The best part is all this data will flow in real-time to MDprospects™.”

“The Clearwave kiosk takes physician marketing to a much higher level of patient engagement” said Michael Dobkowski, Director of Business Development, MDprospects™. “Physicians now have the opportunity to communicate specifically and directly to current patients at check-in. This approach targets the right message to the right patient much more efficiently, reducing the cost and increasing the effectiveness physician marketing efforts. ”

About Clearwave Corporation

Clearwave Corporation, headquartered in Atlanta, GA., is the leading provider of self-service kiosk registration and eligibility verification solutions. Clearwave’s solution greatly reduces the time patients spend checking in and sitting in the waiting room. We verify patient demographics, insurance and processes payments at the kiosk resulting in improved cash flow and reduced costs. Patient satisfaction improves as lines, paper forms and redundant questions are eliminated and replaced with the convenience of a rapid self-service check-in. Please visit for more information.

About MDprospects™

MDprospects™ is a revolutionary way to manage your practice level inquiries and Internet leads to maximize your patient conversion rates. Increase your conversion rates on generated leads by 50%! MDprospects™ helps practices communicate with patients and stay in contact with multiple auto-responder mechanisms. Additionally this product is helpful to patients because scheduling is made easy and can be done on your web site and managed directly through the system. Once the consultation has been scheduled, MDprospects™ helps administrators with tasks pertaining to the patient status.