Posted on January 15, 2015

Easy Drops: Free Smartphone App Helps Patients Manage Eye Drops

Easy Drops LogoThere is a new smartphone app recently developed by some ophthalmologists called Easy Drops that enables physicians to program drop protocols for eye surgeries, including cataract surgery, LASIK eye surgery and glaucoma. This is a one of a kind application available for download via the iTunes store. The Android version of the app is near release and will enable use on various smartphone systems. Feel free to read below to get a better understanding of how this app can potentially change adherence to drop instructions.

Physician Profile:

The basic premise of the app is that surgeons create a profile in our online system, and the information entered here is what displays directly within the app. In the online system, surgeons can define each surgery that they perform and assign a pre- and post-op drop regimen for each surgery type.

Also, the surgeon can choose from the entire Eyemaginations database of animated videos and can link specific videos for each of the created surgery types so that patients can view these videos on their app.

For example, the surgeon can specify a pre- and post-op drop schedule online for “Cataract Surgery” for Vigamox, Durezol and Bromday. They can then choose to show videos for Toric IOLs, Femtocataract surgeries, and Multifocal IOLs to their cataract patients.

Patience Experience:

After completion of the online profile, patients can download the FREE app and simply choose their surgeon, choose their upcoming surgery type and select their upcoming surgery date(s). The app will automatically alert patients when it is time to take their drops.

  • The patient’s phone will notify them when it is time to take a drop as well as which drop to take. For example, a picture of the Durezol drop bottle will be displayed, showing the patient which eye to apply the drops to. The patient then has the option to either “Wait”, “Take”, or “Skip” the scheduled drop.
  • Patients may be instructed to take their eye drops at breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime. The app allows them to customize their preferred time to be reminded to take their breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime dose.
  • The phone then keeps track of drop usage so doctors can see how compliant the patient has been.
  • The app also has educational videos provided by Eyemaginations. Patients can learn about their surgical options by accessing these videos embedded within the app.

Benefits for the patient:

  • The app makes pre- and post-surgery regimen of eye drops easier to remember.
  • Instead of having a paper drop schedule sheet to carry around, patients have the convenience of alerts directly from their smartphone to educate the patient with high quality Eyemaginations videos regarding premium options as they make decisions regarding their surgery.
  • It also allows patients to obtain instant driving directions on their smartphone to their doctor’s office.

Benefits for the practice:

  • Improves patient compliance of pre- and post-op eye drop regimen.
  • Effectively informs patients regarding premium IOL options, bladeless surgical options, as well as general aspects of their laser or surgical procedure by offering Eyemaginations videos and/or practice’s custom videos are the patient’s fingertips.
  • Helps to make patients, referring O.D.s and referring M.D.s aware that your practice offers unique and advanced technology to your patients.
  • Allows patients to refer other patients to your app profile.
  • Allows patients to post their experience to their Facebook profile.