Posted on August 17, 2009

Glacial Multimedia Inc. Attends LASIK Marketing conference in Dallas Texas Presented by Fast Track Marketing

Aug 9-14, 2009

Michael Dobkowski of Glacial Multimedia Inc attended the Fast Track Marketing meeting this past week in Dallas, TX. The main focus of the meeting was training of LASIK sales coordinators. Overall the content of the course was excellent and the role playing games often humorous at times. Practices were exposed to numerous sales concepts by “BIG League” sales professionals, Doug Sims and Enrique Espinosa. Their command and knowledge of the LASIK sales process was impressive. Various Texas area practices as well as others from different parts of the country attended and learned how to do better at selling the LASIK services.

Later in the week Michael from Glacial Multimedia visited other Texas area eye care practices including, Slade & Baker Vision in Houston, Austin County Eye Associates in Sealy and Howerton Eye Center in Austin. Additionally, Mr. Dobkowski visited Houston’s very own Patient Education Concepts spending time with ophthalmology patient education guru and long time industry veteran Robert Watson. “ I was thoroughly impressed with the entire PEC organization and how finely tuned they are at handling their customers needs “ says Michael after the visit.