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Glacial Multimedia Inc. Launches New David Chang, M.D. Ophthalmology Website

All of us at Glacial Multimedia Inc. are extremely proud to be launching the new website for Dr. David Chang. The new website that Dr. Chang has created is definitely a one of a kind ophthalmology website that is split between physician education and patient education. Dr Chang was a very nice and intelligent person to work with in developing something that is very unique to eye care. The website has several unique features: 1. Double-sided ajax video player – Due to the large amount of video involved with this website we had to develop a unique method of organizing the video content. We decided to take 2 approaches in order to better serve the video. First we have the ajax module divided into various video categories and functioning as one complete module where all the video can be watched in a media center fashion. Inside this module you will see videos on various topics and large amounts of national television interviews. I personally found this section very clean and informative at the same time. The video content here is engaging and not as boring as standard web video. The second application is what we call multiple secondary page video player installs. In order to blend text content withy imagery and video we have also broken video onto pages of relevance. In order to make a better content experience it was decided that the blend of text, video and images would be appropriate. 2. Design Split on Physician and Patient Focus – This website has vast amounts of information for physicians but still maintains patient education too! It was important to Dr. Chang to be able to appeal to both populations of visitors but in 2 different ways. We could have split the project into 2 websites but instead chose to put the effort into 1 well-designed website. In order to accomplish this goal we decided to use patient education on the left side and physician education on the right side. These 2 sides were met by a homepage video player with content of interest to both patients and physicians. To see more about this visit the new David Chang, MD website at
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