Posted on October 28, 2010

Glacial Multimedia Inc prepares for 2010 MIMS conference (Medical Internet Marketing Symposium) in Boston

Glacial Multimedia is happy to be a part of the 2010 MIMS conference. Attendance for the meeting has sold out at this point and attendees seem poised to discuss some amazing new topics in new media marketing. Social Media and SEO will be very hot topics as new social media strategies are being widely debated in the medical website forum. Onur Birsen, CTO of Glacial Multimedia is poised to discuss new exciting changes in SEO as well. The social media workshop course will also be presented by Jeremy Lindemann of Glacial Multimedia who plans to do a live Twitter page build as well discussing new social media tools and strategies for healthcare websites.

Attendance is positive for this first annual medical Internet marketing event and includes medical practices from ophthalmology, optometry, dentistry, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Vincent P. Marin, MD, FACS, plastic surgeon from San Diego will be covering a new topic affecting many medical websites from around the country. His course is entitled Effective Practice Level Web Marketing & Critical Components for Large Markets. Many large market medical websites are faced with fierce competition, including black hat techniques, and massive paid search spending. Dr. Marin will be discussing his personal situation.

Corporate Sponsors for this event include:

Chase Health Advance, Invisalign, ASOA, Ziemer, Reliable Networks, Local Splash, Staar Surgical, ENVY, Aesthetic Trends Magazine, Sophrona Solutions, Aesthetics 360, MDprospects, Lumixyl, Best Med Spa Jobs, EyeMaginations and Viora.

Featured Speakers

Alexis Anzo – Account Manager, Online Sales Healthcare – Google, Inc.
Boston, MA
Matt Jensen – Marketing Director – Vance Thompson Vision
Sioux Falls, SD
Michael Dobkowski, MBA – Director of Business Development – Glacial Multimedia Inc.
Portland, ME
Vince Marin, MD, FACS – Plastic Surgeon – Marin Aesthetics
San Diego, CA
Christine LaPointe – Co-Founder & Consultant – Aesthetics 360°
Springfield, MA
Jeremy Lindemann – Senior Interactive Designer – Glacial Multimedia Inc.
Portland, ME
Ron Cooper, DMD, Consultant
Tewksbury Family Dentistry, BBC Consulting Group
Szifra Birke, MS, Communications Marketing Consultant
Jay Livingston, MA, Management Consultant
Gabriel Steinbach – The Mac Guy – Windmill Hill Consulting
St. Louis, MO
Cindy Vandruff, MBA – Editor in Chief – Aesthetic Trends and Technology Magazine
Laguna Beach, CA
Mark Stone – Managing Member – Reliable Networks
Portland, ME
Paul C. Seel, M.D. – Medical Director, Vice President – Sophrona Solutions
Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN
David J. Rodecker – Founder, CTO – Relevant Ads, Inc.
Tonya Collins – Product Manager – Glacial Multimedia Inc.
Portland, ME
Laura Jackson – Co-Founder & Consultant – Aesthetics 360°
Houston, TX & Chicago, IL
Jan Watson – Consultant – J.P. Watson Group, LLC
Gulf Breeze, FL