Posted on October 6, 2011

Join Glacial Multimedia and Dr. Carlos Martinez to help fund PROJECT VISION in Honduras

Please join Glacial Multimedia and Dr. Carlos Martinez to help fund PROJECT VISION in Honduras. We will be sending a team to the “dry corridor” of Southern Honduras–the poorest region of the 3rd poorest country in the western hemisphere. With your help, we can restore vision to 100 impoverished recipients who often walk for days to receive medical attention.

Website –


Would you consider sponsoring a surgery for one person ($400)… or the removal of one cataract for $200? You contribute any amount!

There is a lovely saying in Turkish that goes: “damlaya damlaya gol olur”… “as it drops and drops, it forms a lake.” I am hoping for so many drops that we can go swimming in this lake!


Gold Sponsor – $2000 Donation:
8 event tickets; two large advertisements, name mention, brochure display, and one cocktail named for their company at the
event; company logo added to Facebook event page.

Silver Sponsor – $1000 Donation:
4 event tickets; one large advertisement, brochure display, and name mention at the event.

Bronze Sponsor, $500 Donation:
2 event tickets, small business logo and brochure display at the event, name mention.

To give you some idea of the poverty level and what Carlos’ work means to the people of Honduras:

Honduras is the third poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with an average yearly income of $1,600. However, this number doesn’t account for unequal wealth distribution, and the majority of Hondurans lives well below that income level… and Dr. Martinez’s team travels to the southern Dry Corridor, the most impoverished region of the entire country. For a person in this region, to receive vision-restoring surgery is nothing short of receiving a miracle.

In the United States, the average cost for the correction of cataracts in both eyes is $4,076.00.
In Honduras, the same surgery can be done for $408.00.

How can you help support Carlos Martinez MD?
Glacial Multimedia has a goal of raising enough money to restore vision to 25 people. We’re hosting a fundraiser on 29 October 2011, and I invite you to learn about this fun MadMen-inspired charity event by becoming a fan of our page here:

Three ways to give:
1. Support Dr. Carlos Martinez’s efforts in Honduras. 100% of your donation goes towards restoring a person’s vision. Checks can be made payable to: GCPC–Project Vision/Honduras and mailed to Glacial Multimedia, Inc., 625 Main Street, Westbrook, ME 04092.

2. Donate an item or service to be raffled off at the event.

3. Help us to fund the event expenses, so that all proceeds from the event itself will go towards a deserving person in Honduras. (Please ask us for details.)