Posted on April 21, 2014

MDprospects – The Value of Task Management

“Not now” buyers can dominate inquires from your website. They are curious on your service, would like to know more, but are not ready to commit to a consultation.

So the obvious first step is to reach back out to the lead, provide them what they requested and offer them an opportunity to come to your office.

The problem in many cases is that the chain of communication stops with the initial contact. If the lead does not respond, they may never be contacted again. Lead management will always be a challenge if a practice does not have a set method for capturing and communicating with leads.

This is why I believe MDprospects can be such a valuable tool for any practice. It has several fantastic features, but I believe the core feature that can help any practice is the lead management tools.

With ease you can create a simple method of reminders and follow up with any lead. Between the automated email responders, automated task reminder, individual task reminders & reporting, you can be sure leads are not falling through the cracks.

I invite any of you to stop by booth 606 and learn more about MDprospects and how it could benefit you. If you are a current user, take this as an opportunity to learn other ways you could use the system to remain engaged with leads.