Posted on July 31, 2013

The Emergence of Social Factors in SEO

What is social SEO?

We have been hearing for the last year or so that social media factors and other off-page elements will be affecting SEO. At first, I was initially skeptical that search engines would place any amount of weight to social media factors, but after several experiences with websites doing very well with their social media sites, then succeeding in SEO, I am convinced there is a strong connection between the two. It is common for medical practices to wonder how social media can help them. They now have a reason to at least pursue this more aggressively. The impact of social factors on SEO is not a separate compartment of SEO and it will not be replacing SEO anytime soon, but the social signals are becoming increasingly integrated into search algorithms. These factors are not as important as traditional SEO pillars such as backlinks, content, and tagging, but they are playing a role. These factors could be the difference between a Number 1 and Number 2 Index.

In order to get started with increasing your social media presence to help play a role in your search indexes it is important to consider a few things:

  • Create Engaging Content
  • Create Ideas for expanding LIKES and Shares on your social media sites

What are some social factors for SEO?

  • Facebook LIKES
  • Facebook Shares and Comments
  • Number of YouTube views
  • Number of Twitter followers
  • Number of Twitter ReTweets
  • Titles of YouTube videos

SEO Pie Chart

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