Posted on January 23, 2008

The importance of not losing LASIK calls

Many practices struggle with incoming calls and the handling of these calls. Many calls get dropped or often reach a voice mail recording. Several practices has asked me how to solve this problem. Although each practice is unique I have recently heard about a program launched by Opticall that may be beneficial. Please feel free to read below the details of this new program works and what if can do for your staff and conversion rates.

Here is an excerpt from their press release….

Most US practices lose 30% of their Lasik Calls and don’t even know it.
For over six years now, the good folks at Opticall continue to deliver an average 85% conversion rate from inquiry to consult for over 100 practices nationally. Our team has fielded literally hundreds of thousands of refractive calls. Our system and approach have had a fantastic impact for practices that have entrusted us to handle their new patient inquiries. But that’s not the only way…

With Opticall’s Program… Actual Consumer Experience, ….We call it ACE for short! We’ll soon teach you how to motivate your own crew to “ACE” their calls, while providing added value on each call, capturing valuable leads, and maximizing the consumer experience –
In 2008, you cannot afford to lose any potential patients. Every Call Counts!

What doesn’t work?

  • Staff training without follow –up and accountability
  • Secret shopping with biased analysis to prove a point
  • Motivational theory based programs
  • Putting your head in the sand

What does work?

  • We have developed a systematic way of taking calls and objectively measuring results
  • Our training guide, including phone scripts and other motivational tools to aid in staff training
  • Highly qualified counselors to guide and grade your results while helping your staff to grow
  • Weekly monitoring, review, and grading of calls of your REAL patient calls, not secret shops
  • Complete comprehensive weekly reports showing practice averages, individual employee statistics and real advice on how to Maximize the Consumer Experience!
  • Call recordings provided weekly for internal training and motivation purposes.
  • When’s the last time anyone gave you a free “Lasik Consult”?

    It’s time that you called Opticall to learn more about ACE!

    If you are a practice and like the sounds of this program you can get more information at