Posted on May 27, 2008

Chesapeake Eye & Laser Center Launches Beautiful Eyes Contest

In conjunction with MIX 106.5, Jack FM and Glacial Multimedia, Chesapeake Eye & Laser Center has officially launched a beautiful eyes contest. Practice Administrator Michael Dunn and Marketing Director, Anna Nardone have created a contest getting great attention in their region. The beautiful eyes contest involves area people uploading images of their eyes into a system on Chesapeake Eye & Laser Center website by which visitors can vote for the most beautiful eyes. The winner will receive either a FREE LASIK eye surgery or a package from the practice’s cosmetic division. If you wish to follow the progress of the system you can track this at This new website system was custom created specifically for the concept that was brought to us by Michael Dunn. Glacial Multimedia does aim to integrate more with directors like Mr. Dunn in an effort to extract more patient interest in the community. Many people have asked us to let them know about such events so they can perhaps duplicate them in other markets. This is just one example of how web and radio can be integrated with the goal of generating large quantities of interested LASIK patients. In less than a week’s time over 91 people have submitted pictures for the contest and we still have 4-5 weeks to go. The traffic has obviously gone through the roof and should make an impact on brand awareness for the practice.