Posted on May 15, 2008

Glacial Multimedia Attends EyeMaginations User Conference

Baltimore, Maryland, May 8-10

The first annual EyeMaginations user meeting was extremely informational and motivational for our company. It is always great to see how a really good company puts action into play for better customer satisfaction. This is software that does require a significant amount of time to use properly. Many practice attendees raised numerous questions regarding training and better integration into the practice. There seems to be a genuine desire among these practices to get better at using this product. The nature of the open-forum enabled users to express their thoughts directly to EyeMaginations and other vendors. Based on what I could ascertain, it seems like EyeMaginations will be working hard to involve these news ideas in future planning. One of the refractive marketing community’s most respected consultants, Shareef Mahdavi started off the meeting with an extremely powerful lecture on user experience. I had never had the chance of seeing one of his lecturers before, but it is safe to say he blew my socks off. His level of knowledge regarding consumer behavior is incredible. Myself and everyone in the room was motivated to do better after hearing this lecture. After the courses, EyeMaginations asked us to address the audience about Glacial Multimedia. President and CEO, Jeff Perres gave a very nice introduction to the conference for us that was just amazing. It was a pleasure to address the group regarding the Glacial core competencies. Other corporate attendees included Modern Solutions, US bank, OfficeMate, Maximeyes, and Essilor. I truly think the EyeMaginations team came away from the conference with some great new ideas and some very happy users. Our company looks forward to future meetings and more involvement from the web perspective. Glacial Multimedia has been working very closely with EyeMaginations to develop new methods for web installation on mutual client websites. As of ASCRS this year we are offering new WEB 2.0 pop up individual page installations in addition to the already present module install. This new installation model has come into play as a result of interaction and opinions from customers of both Glacial Multimedia and EyeMaginations.