Posted on December 6, 2016

Engagement Objects: How to Keep Potential Leads on Your Site

Lead Generation: Engagement Objects

In the world of digital marketing, it’s not enough to just have a modern and gorgeous site. At a minimum, your site should be responsive on all devices, and easy to navigate. But when you get past the basics, it’s time to engage! What does it mean to engage people on your website? It means you need to make sure you have interactive objects on your site that keep them occupied and engaged.


Half the battle that comes with converting a lead is getting them through the door. When you have a potential lead on your site, a self-test is a great way to get them to not only stick around but also give you their contact information. LASIK self-tests are extremely popular, because they are fast, easy to fill out and give leads the information they want then and there. The advantage of an interactive self-test is that they are more likely to capture lead information.

In a world where everyone is always multi-tasking, sitting down to answer questions without engaging content means that there are many people who start but never finish answering the questions on a self-test. Unfinished questions mean you lose the lead, and never receive their contact information. Chances are, they aren’t coming back to fill it out. When you have an interactive self-test, you’re able to keep the potential lead’s attention. Have them answer a few questions, and collect their email address and contact information at the end. A LASIK self-test helps a lead find out if they are a good candidate for LASIK. This kind of self-test is very valuable to millennials, who are actively searching to find out more about procedures they may want. The millennial generation will check, double check, and even triple check to find out more information about something they are interested in, like LASIK. Millennials are prone to shop around, and will often take longer to convert.


If you have one self-test for engagement, imagine if you had two! Millennials who are researching LASIK are also interested in learning about costs. The LASIK savings calculator shows just how much they are really spending on their glasses and contacts each year, and over their total lifetime. Imagine being told that you’ll spend $68,000 on glasses and contacts in your entire life. Then think about the one time cost of LASIK, and suddenly, not getting LASIK just seems ridiculous. In an uncertain economy and the strange world that we find ourselves living in, saving money is a big deal right now. Having an engagement tool like the LASIK savings calculator could be just the push your potential lead needs to walk through the door and schedule a consultation with you.


When you get a lead, what are you doing to keep them warm and engaged? If the answer is a spreadsheet in Excel, you need to find a new process! Excel spreadsheets are often full of duplicate content and can make things much more complicated than they ever need to be. The easiest solution is to invest in a solution like the online scheduler that’s part of MDProspects. An online scheduler lets you schedule appointments, without ever picking up a phone. Leads come directly to you when they want to. After office hours, it’s extremely common to see appointments come in late at night because that’s when people are on their phones the most. During your standard 9-5 day, your potential leads are at work, unable to pick up a phone. Imagine being able to give them the ability to schedule on their time, when it really counts. Online scheduling results in more leads! The numbers speak for themselves: “In a 2015 study on 13,000 appointment requests from 182 medical websites, researchers found that 34% of the appointments booked online were scheduled while the office was closed.”

What would you do with more leads and appointments scheduled? Imagine the time that you could spend with other potential patients, or lend to your marketing efforts!

The online scheduler is just one side of what MDProspects can do. MDProspects also makes it easy to nurture your leads. This means that MDProspects will keep your leads warm by sending them engaging content throughout the period that they are moving through your lead process. It’s not enough to just call them once in a year, and hope that they’ll decide to pick you as their provider. MDProspects lets you take control of your leads, which allows them to grow into customers. Afraid of no-shows? MDProspects sends out automated appointment reminders via email and text messages to the patient. Appointment reminders are a key component to avoiding no-shows, so this is just one less step to worry about completing with MDProspects.


Look at great websites online, and you’ll notice that they all have one thing in common: they aren’t boring! One of the easiest ways to engage leads is by having videos on your site. Videos can be varied, including local television clips about your practice, video of your practice completing the Mannequin Challenge, or just some more in-depth information about an eye disorder. When it comes to engagement, it’s been shown repeatedly that people prefer to be entertained, rather than having to read. This means that videos are extremely engaging, which can translate to more interested clients for your practice.

The use of videos can go beyond your site as well. Whether you film an ad to put on Facebook, or you take advantage of using Facebook Live, videos have been shown to perform extremely well on Facebook. Written statuses are considered standard, so anything that pushes beyond that will get more reach. Photos do well on Facebook, but the best way to keep your followers engaged is with video. When you run video Facebook ads, the video plays automatically in people’s newsfeeds, giving you the full spectrum of people who could potentially see your content. Videos also have the highest tendency to go viral, making it important to put time and care into any video that you put online. You never know who could see it 5 years from now!

In a digital age, it is crucial to know how to be appealing, both to leads and your current clients. Engagement objects like self-tests, online schedulers, and video are the boost that you need to stand out among your competitors! It’s time to engage with your clients, are you ready?