Posted on April 15, 2015

Glacial Multimedia, Inc. is Proud to Announce MDIdentity: All Your Patient Reviews. In One Place.

Reputation management is an ongoing and important conversation that we at Glacial have had with many of our clients throughout the years. As we are all aware by now, the landscape of how others view and talk about you and your practice has changed dramatically from the days of simple good word of mouth. Today you need to constantly monitor what people are saying about you in the furthest reaches of the Internet. Sites you may never have heard of now play a part in how people find, research and feel about you.

MDidentity - All Your Patient Reviews. In One Place.

Control of your reputation has always been a slippery slope and in todays’ online world, that slope is becoming even more treacherous. People that you do not know, and have never met, can have a direct impact on how others view you. A single negative review can cost your practice thousands of dollars in lost revenue and countless hours of your time. Controlling your reputation has been an ongoing issue and we are pleased to announce that we have developed a simple and effective method to help you stay on top of your reputation.

Put control of your reputation back in the hands of the person that is the most invested – you.

Just when you get one site under your control along comes another you knew nothing about where you find your reputation is less than stellar. Constantly monitoring and managing your online reputation can be daunting, time consuming, exhausting and seemingly endless.

Glacial Multimedia is very pleased to announce our reputation management tool, MDIdentity. Our software offers you the ability to manage your reputation with very little effort. Easily gain new reviews and testimonials, quickly respond to negative criticism and showcase your positive story on your own website or anywhere you wish. MDIdentity assists you in your ongoing review and reputation management efforts.

To learn more about this wonderfully useful new tool contact us today or visit our website.