Posted on November 21, 2012

Glacial Multimedia’s Collaboration with Google Trusted Photographers Encourages Medical Facilities to Create Virtual Tours

Annapolis, MD (November 16, 2012):

After a successful trial with one of its oldest clients, Minnesota Eye Consultants in Bloomington, Minnesota, Glacial Multimedia forged a partnership with the Google Business Photos program – offering a coupon for $50 off a 360° virtual tour to medical practices who work with Google Trusted Photographers.

After researching the new Google product, Michael Dobkowski and Darryl Quinlan, Glacial Multimedia representatives, contacted Steve Silverman, a certified Google Trusted Photographer from Minnesota, to discover how these tours could benefit the medical field. Steve elaborated on Google’s Virtual Tour system. Trusted photographers arrange photo shoots with clients, stitch those pictures into a virtual tour, and publish every tour on Google Search, Google Maps, and each business’ Google+ page. Clients also receive codes to embed the tours on their business website and social media, plus 15 still photographs of the venue.

Glacial Multimedia seized this opportunity. As a business that specializes in moderning medical professionals’ connections with their clients online, Glacial understood the value of Google’s program. Darryl Quinlan relates, “In today’s ever changing online marketing arena, you need to take advantage of the multitude of avenues that Google offers up daily. If you don’t your competitors will, and quite simply, you lose business.”

After initial discussions, Steve Silverman referred the Glacial representatives to the President of Google Trusted Photographers of North America – Frank Clark. Frank proposed an experiment. Steve would create a Google Virtual Tour for a Glacial Multimedia client so said business could observe the process and its results. Everyone agreed.

However, Michael and Darryl specified one request, the photo should could not be intrusive. They explained the medical practices Glacial Multimedia represents are professional establishments with long hours. The Google Business Photos process was not permitted to interfere with any operations of these environments.

Point of interest photos for Minnesota Eye Consultants in Bloomington, MN

The resulting photo shoot at MN Eye Consultants put Glacial Multimedia’s concerns to rest. Steve Silverman exceeded expectations. He arrived early and organized a photo shoot schedule around the client’s needs without interfering in daily tasks. Now future customers can enjoy the results on Google’s properties, including the Google+ page Glacial Multimedia created for their client. Glacial also embedded the tour in many relevant locations on MN Eye’s website:

This trial’s success marks the beginning of a productive relationship between Google Business Photos and the eye care industry that is strengthening the medical community’s connection with the digital world.

Google Trusted Photo Contact:

Elizabeth Durrant

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 410-800-0788 ext. 701