Posted on September 26, 2012

Mobile Website Q & A

Do you own a smart phone? If so, do you browse the web from your smart phone? Over 50% of US mobile customers own smart phones such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Samsung. It is estimated that by 2013 this number will jump to 70%. What does this mean to your practice? It means that more and more people are turning to their mobile device rather than their laptop and desktop computers to find important information about your practice. What are they searching? In many cases, the mobile use is on the go and they are seeking quick, fast and easy to read information, and when they reach a mobile compatible website, that is exactly what they get.

Below are questions commonly asked about mobile websites:

Why does my practice need a mobile compatible website?

When you look at your currect website on your smart phone, what do you see? Do you have to zoom in and zoom out to read the text and see the buttons? Can you clcik on the phone number to make it dial or on the map to get directions? These are just a few of the enhancements a mobile website will bring to your practice. Your doctors, services, maps, forms, etc. can all be easily read and used on a mobile website.

How will a mobile website better serve our patients/perspecitve patients?

Let your patients find exactly the information they are seeking from their phone. Here at Glacial Multimedia we have done extensive research on what the mobile user is looking for when they go to your website from their mobile device. With this knowledge, we bring these items front and center. The mobile user wants to be able to find and complete tasks quickly and a mobile website gives them exactly what they need to do just that. If the mobile user is looking to find your number, a mobile website can make this easy by allowing the user to simply touch the phone number, if they want driving directions, the address of your practice is instantly placed into their mapping/GPS phone application.

How will a mobile website help my practice?

Just as your online lead forms from your full website provide valuable leads to your practice when completed, the mobile users are seeking easy to read and complete forms from their mobile device. The forms are optimized for the mobile device and are easy for the user to complete, providing you with valuable leads. Do not lost perspective patients looking for your services based on usability of your website from a mobile device, make the choice very clear by making the information easy to access! A mobile website does just that!

How much do custom mobile websites cost?

When you work with Glacial Multimedia to develop your mobile website, it is 100% custom. It will match the look and feel of your current website, and include the pages you desire. Glacial Multimedia feels it is important for all practices to have this important technology, and is offering special pricing for the basic mobile website. Get 8 custom pages for $1500.00 for a limited time! Expanded mobile websites are also available. Contact us today to learn more about mobile websites and how to get yours started today!