Posted on April 28, 2011

Glacial’s New Social Media Suite!

Social Media optimization is extremely important for businesses to keep their online presence, promote brand awareness, and customer engagement. In order to achieve this, we have created a 3-Phase project rollout that provides: comprehensive account set-up, customized design options, and a range of marketing campaign services.

  • The 1st phase will involve the creation of proper business profiles and the integration of various features including (but not limited to): Blogs, videos, website feeds, PR and content management planning. The social media accounts include: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.
  • The 2nd phase is all about making it work. Each SMS account will be assigned a social media specialist to work closely with the business and handle the activity within each account.
  • The final phase consists of two new social applications made specifically for Facebook. The first application: GFAM (Glacial Facebook Application Manager) this application is designed to make running campaigns, contests, and tracking ROI extremely easy and effective. Once FB members add a business’s application, the business will gain an abundance of that member’s personal and demographic information. The second application: Group Buying Application, allows Facebook members to obtain a promotional discount on select products/services if they share this discount with their friends. The more they share, the higher the discount they will receive.

Here at Glacial Multimedia, Inc. we aim to help businesses complete their online strategy by providing technical expertise and advanced level integration. We are confident that we can assist with the development of an excellent social media optimization set up and strategy consultation program for any of our existing and/or prospective clients.