Posted on October 25, 2017

Is Your Website Looking Spooky These Days?

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and we have some pretty firm beliefs about the things that should be spooking us this time of year. Scary films, people dressing as zombies, candy corn (there’s contention on that one), and the fact that Pumpkin Spice kale chips are an actual, real thing are among a few items that top my list.

One thing that shouldn’t be spooky? Your practice website.

To keep your site from creeping out your potential patient base this October, and beyond, follow our simple guide for items you may want to check on, and update, as we approach the new year.


If you haven’t read our recent blog about why you need an SSL (and what they are) you can find it on the Glacial Multimedia blog, here. This is extremely important! In fact, Google Chrome has launched an update that flags any website lacking an SSL. The browser now sends users a message, stating “Your connection is not private”, and that “attackers may try to steal your information if you visit this website”.

Talk about scary! Stephen King is allegedly writing his next horror about this phenomenon(at the least, he should consider it!)

Luckily, the solution is easy. Either Glacial or another hosting provider (if you do not host with us) can set up an SSL for your website, eliminating this message and adding a layer of security to your website.. Contact your client manager or call Glacial today if you would like to discuss pricing with us!


Without consistent maintenance to your website, it’s easy for the information therein to get outdated. This can mislead and confuse potential patients, become a hassle for your office staff, and make the practice look a bit disorganized.

We are happy to help you update your website, but we aren’t mind readers! Let your contact at Glacial know when there are changes in office hours, updates to locations, new physicians (or physicians who have left), and any other changes at the practice level that may be reflected on the website.

Here are a few things to ask yourself as you survey your site:

  • Are all of the physicians listed? Have any of their credentials changed?
  • Are our locations, office hours, and services up to date?
  • Has any of our technology changed?
  • Do we have any new testimonials we can add?

Practice forms are another resource on the website that are oftentimes overlooked, and testimonials are a great item to consistently update on the site – no one wants to see that you haven’t updated them since 2015!

An even more common faux pas? Not notifying your web provider when form recipients need to be updated. There’s no bigger nightmare than having users try to contact the practice by your Contact Us form, and later finding that it sends to someone who left the practice months ago!


If you have a blog, make sure to keep it updated! Not only are updated blogs great for Search Engine Optimization, they also show a level of passion about your profession. If you find blog writing intimidating, Glacial has copywriters that can help create custom content just for your practice. Our tip: pick topics that answer common questions or concerns – blogs that answer common search questions often rank very well in search engine results, and drive traffic to your practice website. If you’ve heard someone ask the question in your office, it probably means others are wondering the same thing!

It’s great to have a blog, but having one sit on your site gathering dust can look a bit lazy. And seeing a blog hasn’t been updated in years? Yikes!


Even if you are meticulous about doing all of the above with regard to keeping your website up to date, if your site isn’t responsive, be very, very afraid! If a website is responsive, it means that the site is able to shift to fit any screen size. The design makes it so the same website content can appear seamlessly on tablets, desktop, mobile phones, or even large TV screens! Google has admitted that responsive websites are their preferred mobile configuration (i.e. a responsive website may give you a ranking boost), and many users will not use a website on their phone if it is not mobile friendly.

For more information on the importance of responsive design and keeping your website updated, check out this terrifying blog article about the four ways an outdated website can hurt your business.

And, for everything but your practice website, Glacial Multimedia wishes you a very scary Halloween!