Posted on November 3, 2009

New study by DOD and FDA to review LASIK eye surgery and level of un-satisfaction

Are these unsatisfied patients a real concern or have too many unqualified candidates been given this amazing eye surgery?

I have recently been alerted to a news story running through the Associated Press pertaining to the negative effects of LASIK eye surgery. According to the (AP) business writer Matthew Perrone, the FDA is starting a new study to review the negative effects of LASIK eye surgery. The FDA will be working with the National Eye Institute and Department of Defense to review the volume of patients having side effects after LASIK eye surgery. It will be very interesting to see how the role of the Department of Defense plays out. Traditionally, the Department of Defense handles matters of security and military issues for the U.S. Government. Considering the Air Force and NASA approved the new iLASIK procedure for their members, I am sure they will have very close review of the government members that have undergone the procedure.

About 7.6 million Americans have undergone some form of laser vision correction. (Reported by FOX NEWS 2009). Given the number of people that have had the procedure, I am not surprised that 5% of patients have been dissatisfied. I know many patients that are dissatisfied with their foot surgeries. I do not see the Podiatrists under attack?

No matter what the FDA and Department of Defense determine, LASIK eye surgery has been a wonderful experience for me 6 years post operatively speaking. I have had limited dry eyes, no halos, no glare and the ability to see wonderfully without needing glasses or contact lenses. It makes me wonder why I hear so many complaints because I have many friends that share my positive outcome. In fact, I believe 95% of all LASIK patients share this view. After a 10-year AAO effectiveness study in 2005 and millions of people seeing clearly, I am bewildered as to why we need to spend tax dollars to regurgitate what the top ophthalmologists already know. This is a total waste of tax-payer money. We should apply TABOR to the FDA when they act ridiculous like this.

I have a feeling the 5% of the 7.6 million cases that are not satisfied with their LASIK procedures probably should have not been considered candidates. The fact of the matter is some patients are unhappy even if they are 20/20. 95% satisfaction is good enough for me. I would bypass this review and move onto more death delivering pharmaceutical products.