Posted on November 2, 2009

Glacial Multimedia Inc. starts working for Dr. Stephen Slade in Houston Texas of the eye care practice known as Slade & Baker Vision

Glacial Multimedia Inc. and the practice of Dr. Stephen Slade will start work on a new one of a kind website project. The combination of talents coming together for this project is extremely impressive. We hope the end result will be a great ophthalmology website for Dr. Slade that speaks to his patients and their eye care needs. The vision care marketplace in Texas appears to be stacked with talented eye surgeons so piercing the first page results on the search engines could prove to be challenging. This is one challenge we are sure that Onur Birsen and his SEO team are ready to undertake, as this is the first Houston area client for Glacial Multimedia Inc.

Some of the unique features of the website will include:

  • Custom Google maps database application of referring Optometrists
  • OD educational portal
  • Use of Homepage, secondary page and accordion style AJAX
  • The PEC video website product

Dr. Stephen Slade is a well know ophthalmologist from Houston, Texas, widely known as the ophthalmologists doctor. He has trained and performed surgery on many eye doctors across the world.