Posted on November 2, 2009

Premium Lens Bootcamp – Chicago, IL

The Premium Lens Bootcamp hosted by practice development consultant, Yvonne Martin took place last Friday at the Crown Plaza, near O’Hare airport. The Bootcamp was well attended by practice level techs, administrators, marketing directors, manufacturing companies, sales representative and clinical directors. The Bausch & Lomb Crystalens team played a major role throughout the day and assisted with answering some of the more difficult questions that practice personnel had. “It was really great to have this type of interaction between all levels of this process” explains Conor Dixon of Trinity Level Marketing. It was a chance for the companies to hear from practices. It was a chance for the companies to learn about the issues on the practice level and it was a chance to share ideas. Implementing a solid premium lens program is challenging, and the course itself was challenging. It was clear there were many different ideas going around out there.

Michael Dobkowski of Glacial Multimedia Inc. attended the bootcamp and gave a presentation on creating a better website experience for IOL patients. The presentation was well received and many participants seemed eager for ideas on how to use their websites in the education and conversion processes.