Posted on February 2, 2023

Top 5 Ophthalmology Marketing Initiatives for 2023

Ophthalmology practices often ask what are some of the things we can do out of the gate this year to get better at our marketing?

1. Make Patients Your Hero

The first thing we suggest practices do in 2023 is to make their patients the hero. Collect reviews and utilize testimonials to learn what you are doing right, and what could be improved, while attracting new patients.

2. Don’t forget About Cataract Surgery Marketing

A big trend in 2023 for ophthalmology marketing is cataract surgery. Demand is out of control. There’s a lot of surgeries going on every day and people looking for different cataract surgeons. If you perform cataract surgery at your practice, it’s a great segment to expand into and put ad spend towards this year.

Google Trends data for Cataract Surgery

3. Resurrect Your Content Writing in Your Blogs

Blogs are going to have a much bigger impact on organic SEO this year in terms of your rankings in regards to content. Going deeper into specific topics (cataract surgery), and refreshing old posts are all worthwhile investments.

This might also be the year that AI breaks through into content marketing. Be smart with how you use these tools. They are not always 100% factually correct, and it’s unclear how AI generated content will be treated by search engines in the future.

4. Referral marketing

This year, we’re going to see referral marketing expand and we’re going to see new tools become available for practices to work with their OD partners and prospects. Keep an eye on this, and look for more details from Glacial later this year.

5. Keep Your Physician Profiles Clean

When was the last time that you actually looked at the accuracy of your physician profile citations on Google and on directories? It’s important to keep this information up to date as physicians change locations or practices. A physician profile creation for both new providers at your practice is a great first step. Without accurate citations and profiles, you’re simply less effective in the local map packs and in organic SEO. The result is less traffic. So let’s get these physician profiles as clean as possible.