Posted on November 14, 2017

What To Do When The Practice Makes Changes

After building a new responsive website, it’s important to realize that it can’t update itself. Any information that you want your patients to know about will need to be updated on your website. So what does this really mean? Things like new hours, updated photography, new doctors joining the practice: these all need to updated on your website. It may be time consuming, but these are important updates that your patients need to know about.

New Doctors Joining

When a new doctor joins your practice, it’s important to make them feel comfortable and at ease as quickly as possible. After you’ve confirmed that the new doctor will be joining the practice, make sure to obtain their bio information, as well as a picture of them. Depending on your website, there are probably several places that this will need to be updated. Many of these changes will require the help of your Glacial Client Manager, so let them know as soon as possible that you have a new doctor who is joining. Sidebar changes, new bio pages, and drop-down additions are all changes that need to go through our web editing team, since they are likely hard coded on your website. Send the bio information and picture of the new doctor to your CM, and we’ll make sure everything gets where it should.

Location Updates

It’s always exciting when a practice opens a new location, and this is something that your patients want to know all about! Consider adding a slide on your homepage slideshow (if you have one) to announce your new location and give pertinent information. This can include the address and hours of operation, and a picture of your new location, if you have one.

Having the website updated is extremely important, because this can impact if Google can find and crawl information about your new location. If you have a locations page on the site, make sure to update it and add the new location. It’s also recommended that you create a new location page that’s dedicated to the new location. If you have Local SEO services with Glacial, the Local team will need information about where the new location is to build an accurate Google My Business profile.

These are included in your maintenance, and keep your website presence as accurate as possible. Opening a new location may require additions to your keyword lists for SEO as well. With new locations, new opportunities for ranking may become possible. The town that the new location is in is important, as well as any areas nearby that people may be searching for as well. These are all things that are considered when a new location opens, so let the team know and we’ll take care of everything else!

New Procedures Being Offered By The Practice

When you’re in the moment, it’s often very exciting to have new procedures that you’re offering to your patients. But if you don’t tell your patients, how will they ever know? The easiest way to let your patients know is by updating the website. Adding a new page of content, adding it to your Services drop down on the site, and tracking appropriate keywords are just a few of the ways that you can let your patients know. If your practice is already blogging, you may want to consider a blog post detailing the new procedure that is being offered, as well as some background information about it, and who it is meant for. This can be a great thing to leverage on social media, especially if you’re looking to get the word out about it quickly!

Do you look at your website and just shake your head, because it’s old and outdated? Glacial can always help if you’re ready to enter the responsive website revolution! Updating your website, and keeping it current is just one way that you can keep your patients knowledgeable, and we can help! Give us a call if you’re ready to take that next step.