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How the End of Net Neutrality Could Affect Your Practice

When you open your internet browser, you expect to access any website or online service you want, at any time you want, within a reasonable amount of time, right? Of course! After all, you pay to access the internet, and it is the expectation that when you pay for a service, you are able to… Read More

Facebook Newsfeed Update: What It Means For Your Business And Ours

To anyone that follows Facebook and knows a thing or two about social media marketing, hearing that the organic reach of business pages on Facebook is about to take a hit probably doesn’t come as much of a shock. To everyone else though, when you read headlines like “RIP Facebook Newsfeed For Business” I’m sure… Read More

Wave Goodbye To Your Glasses!

I wear glasses, but not just any old glasses. They’re special. Super glasses that can stand up to my active outdoor lifestyle with flexible frames and transition lenses that go from normal lenses to sunglasses when I step outside. And they’re so comfortable that I forget that I am wearing them. My wife and I… Read More

The Landing Page Revolution

When I first started working with practices on paid search marketing, things were different. Click price alone was far less than it is today and many companies had not studied the impact of landing pages on conversions. The standard play from the big box PPC (pay-per-click) companies was to use the secondary pages of websites… Read More

LASIK Surgery: an Internet Marketing Consultant’s Experience

My vision has always been less than ideal. I have astigmatism and started wearing glasses in middle school, at first just to see the board. Slowly but surely, my sight became progressively worse until I finally had to succumb to wearing glasses for everything I did: driving, watching movies, walking the dog, etc. Let me… Read More

Here’s Why Marketing to Cataract Patients Is Worth It [Infographic]

Ever wonder how you can get more cataract patients through your door? People often write off the cataract demographic as being hard to reach digitally because they are not as technologically savvy as other demographics. But that is not necessarily true! Targeting the cataract demographic is easier than you think – and we have the… Read More

Top 10 Ophthalmology Website Design Tips – AAO 2017

For the 2017 AAO symposium in New Orleans, I was asked by LENSAR (a laser cataract company) to provide some website design tips for their user’s group meeting. After completing the exercise, I realized that these tips were not obvious to people with limited ophthalmology website design experience. So, I wanted to share some of… Read More

What To Do When The Practice Makes Changes

After building a new responsive website, it’s important to realize that it can’t update itself. Any information that you want your patients to know about will need to be updated on your website. So what does this really mean? Things like new hours, updated photography, new doctors joining the practice: these all need to updated… Read More

Is Your Practice Utilizing Branding Tools Fully?

WHAT IS A ‘BRAND’, AND WHY SHOULD A DOCTOR HAVE TO BRAND THEMSELVES? As defined by the American Marketing Association, a ‘brand’ is “a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers”. Branding is what makes a patient choose you. In… Read More

Is Your Website Looking Spooky These Days?

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and we have some pretty firm beliefs about the things that should be spooking us this time of year. Scary films, people dressing as zombies, candy corn (there’s contention on that one), and the fact that Pumpkin Spice kale chips are an actual, real thing are among a few items that… Read More

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