Posted on October 23, 2018

Come Say Hi To Us At AAO In Chicago!

AAO 2018

The leaves are turning, the air is crisp and that means one thing: it’s almost time for AAO 2018! This year, we’re excited to attend AAO in Chicago. Want to see us face to face?

We’ll be at booth number 3063 on Saturday, October 27th-Tuesday, October 30th! You may think if you’ve been to one conference, you’ve been to them all, but that’s just not true. Do you know the value of face to face communication?

Face to face meetings foster trust and authority   

We may be a little bit different than your average digital marketing firm, but we know the importance of face to face meetings! That’s why we attend several conferences every year, including AAO. At AAO, we get a rare opportunity to meet our clients face to face.

Our team is focused on our clients as the top priority. Whether you’re in Dallas or Washington D.C. you get the same experience with Glacial. We’re available by phone or email, almost constantly. But what about the local companies that want your business?

We know that there is something enticing about being able to meet one on one with your digital marketing company. Although you can’t meet with us face to face every time, we value the time we spend at conferences like AAO! During this time, we want our clients to feel important and heard.

Phone calls and emails sometimes feel less personal. During a face to face meeting, sometimes all the pieces that we’ve been discussing for the last few months fall into place. Without this time at conferences like AAO, we might keep running in circles, wondering if our recommendations are understood.

Eye contact and multitasking can make or break a relationship

There are good and bad things about living in a digital world. Admit it: you’ve multitasked during a phone call. Maybe you check your email or you schedule future appointments when you’re supposed to be paying attention. It’s easy to do, especially when you’re on a conference call and can hit the mute button. But do you remember how to be present in a meeting?

When you’re face to face to someone, you’re much more likely to look at them and pay attention. Part of this is because it’s harder to multitask when you’re in front of someone. When you’re not paying attention to someone in person, they notice! Another reason is that you’re more likely to share their enthusiasm.

If someone is passionate about what they are talking about, their energy is infectious! You can’t say the same about a phone call. It’s almost too easy to skim an email and move on, or pick up the phone and waste someone’s time.

In a face to face conversation, you can read someone’s body language and understand more directly how they are reacting. You can’t do that over a phone!

We understand that it’s not always possible to have a face to face meeting, and that’s okay. For weekly marketing meetings, it may not make sense.

When you have the opportunity to attend conferences like AAO, we hope you’ll stop by and see us, face to face!

Want to schedule an appointment to discuss your digital marketing needs with Glacial at AAO? Fill out this form!