Posted on January 29, 2021

What To Know About iOS Update 14, Facebook, and You

person holding iphone while the phone updates to the iOS 14 update

If you create Facebook ads for your business, you may have heard about the new iOS 14 update that’s on the horizon. But although you may have heard of it, you may not actually know what it will do and how it will change your business and how you use Facebook.

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iOS 14 Will Change How Apple and Facebook Track Things

In the tech industry, there’s a feeling of important people that control everything. Even if you’re only looking in on it from the outside, iOS 14 is actually a significant blow by Apple to Facebook and other platforms.

How? It’s going to change how tracking codes can be used to report ROI for campaigns.

Why Does iOS 14 Matter?

The iOS 14 update matters because it will change how campaigns on platforms such as Facebook are able to track things. When people install iOS 14, they will receive a prompt when they first start up an app that says, This app tracks what you do.

Now, most people probably aren’t going to be comfortable with that. If that’s the case, then things like the Facebook Pixel become useless on Apple devices.

Unless, of course, they decide that they want to go back to having their data tracked, which is unlikely to happen.

What Can You Do About It?

There’s really not much that you can do about it. But there is one silver lining.

Incoming form submissions will continue telling the undeniable truth about lead volume. This makes having unique landing pages and forms even more important than ever before.

Some forms even report on referring URLs. This allows you to see that the lead comes from Facebook or Google or Pinterest.

It may not always be necessary to have unique forms, but it is still recommended. Now more than ever, they are crucial when determining where your Facebook leads are coming from if you’re running campaigns.

Form Submissions Aren’t Affected, So No Worries, Right?

Not exactly. From a reporting standpoint of using automation and tools like Facebook Business Manager, there could be some complications.

The good news is that Glacial has extensive experience with Facebook and the tools associated with it. This allows us to put that knowledge to work to make sure we are preparing all our accounts for iOS 14.

This will mitigate the impact on campaign performance as much as possible. In the coming months we will be closely monitoring business manager reports to make sure they are reporting accurate results within an acceptable margin of error.

With Due Diligence, the iOS 14 Update Can Be Controlled

These are unprecedented times but living through 2020 helped prepare everyone for more chaos than normal. The iOS 14 update is concerning but we will do everything in our power to continue delivering the best performance possible.

If you do any research on this subject, you’ll find that opinions vary. It goes anywhere from this is not a big deal unless you are running campaigns that target app installs to it’s the end of the world.

There’s nothing wrong with staying educated on what’s going on with this but be cautious. Do your due diligence to not buy into one theory over another.

The truth is, time is the only thing that can tell us the impact that this update will have on marketing. Facebook may not even know the exact extent that it will have.

If we had to guess, the truth may lie somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. Not sure you can handle this update and how it will affect your Facebook campaigns?

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