Posted on January 29, 2016

SEM – Paid Search Case Study Related to Lead Generation

At Glacial Multimedia we have been getting a lot of requests for information regarding paid search for LASIK and Ophthalmology practices so we decided to look at a few cases. We wanted to share the characteristics of successful paid search endeavors so that you may learn about what works for the sake of somewhat emulating them.

Keyboard with red dollar symbols on them

The first mistake we made early on when we first started with paid search was not to encourage larger budgets. When we began working with bigger budgets we noticed a positive correlation between budget size and lead totals—as budgets get bigger, lead totals seem to grow at an exponential rate. Just a few thousand dollars more per month could lead to a great deal more leads than the first thousand spent. This really got me thinking, and I coined this as the lead expanse threshold—this is the point at which a high PPC budget can exponentially improve your lead totals. With a low ad spend, your ad will routinely disappear. It was the issue of not being present all the time that caused the leads to be in lower volumes. It was nothing to do with demand or interest, and when budgets were increased this changed. Of course success tends to vary by region and this is an x-factor.

PPC is very finicky by region. Some areas just perform better than others. Competitive markets can be tough because the budgets need to be very high. Rural or older populated markets can also be difficult depending on what you are selling.

At the end of all this work we have concluded that if certain paths are followed, the success will also come. Just make sure that when the leads do come, you have a lead follow-up solution. Not every person can buy tomorrow and you must respect this and nurture this to fruition.

Midwest Well Respected Practice (2015 Q4) Great Performance, Great Leadership
LASIK Budget – $3,000/m
Stats: 90 total leads |
2.39% CTR | 2.8 average ad position | 887 clicks

  • This practice has a decent budget with well-respected doctors and no bad reviews
  • Their internal LASIK consultation system is solid
  • They use lead tracking
  • They have great use of patient testimonials
  • Their marketing plan would be considered a solid MIX of many items

Mid Atlantic Un Focused (2015 Q4) – Poor Performance Bad Leadership
LASIK Budget – $1,000/m
Stats: 3 total leads | 0.90% CTR | 2.2 average ad position | 99 clicks

  • NO LASIK OFFER related to $$$
  • Budget is too low for competitive area
  • The LASIK consultation system is weak
  • NO video patient testimonials
  • Bad Reviews on the Doctors bedside manner

Eastern Midwest Slick Practice (2015 Q4) – AVG performance/good performance
LASIK Budget – $2,100/m
Stats: 63 total leads | 2.25% CTR | 2.8 average ad position | 664 clicks

  • The LASIK offer is LASIK starting at $999
  • The budget was moderate and since success they are increasing this
  • The internal LASIK consultation system is well put together
  • They use lead tracking
  • Great amount of reviews by patients and have a staff incentive program
  • Their marketing plan would be considered a solid MIX of many items

Chicago LASIK practice (2015 Q4)
LASIK Budget – $1,600
Stats: 39 total leads | 1.15% CTR | 2.0 average ad position | 171 clicks

  • NO LASIK OFFER for $$$ but offer the offer discounts and parking
  • Poor lead follow up
  • Budget is way too low for Chicago
  • Practice is somewhat unorganized
  • Very reputable surgeon

The Pacific Northwest Outlier (2015 Q4) (Defies the patterns)

LASIK Budget – $900/month

Stats: 95 total leads | 2.87 CTR | 2.1 average ad position | 226 clicks

  • $1000 off LASIK
  • Budget is way too low but they got excellent results.
  • Decent reputation no bad reviews
  • unknown LASIK surgeon