Posted on May 15, 2020

Up Now: How to Use Content to Increase Traffic to Your Website!

how to use content to gain traffic

It’s been a great week and we’re so glad that everyone is getting so much out of 2020 Is Still Our Year! Worried that you missed Wednesday’s webinar talking about what kind of content you should be posting, as well as how to get the kind of engagement your practice needs to succeed?

Put your worries aside, because we have the recording available below, featuring Sarah Gelber, Content Marketing Specialist at Glacial Multimedia, Ryan Hill, SEO Specialist at Glacial Multimedia, and Bethany Powers, Assistant Director of Client Services at Glacial Multimedia. This is the deep dive into content and content marketing you never knew you needed, so check it out below!

Don’t forget, you can still sign up for office hours with the Client Managers of Glacial Multimedia today, 5/15. If you want to sign up for a time, simply email [email protected] along with your availability.

Please note, this will only take place during Glacial Multimedia’s office hours of 9 AM-5 PM, so please keep that in mind when you schedule a time with a Client Manager.

Forget about yesterday’s FAQ Happy Hour with Hannah Whitten, Director of Client Services, and Bethany Powers, Assistant Director of Client Services? Don’t worry, because we’ll be releasing a recording of it shortly as well!

We’ve had a great time putting 2020 Is Still Our Year together, so thank you again to everyone who has participated or sat in on a webinar. We hope it’s been an informative and fun learning experience for everyone involved!