Posted on September 16, 2016

New Symfony IOL Approved as First Presbyopia Correcting Lens

On July 15th, 2016, the FDA approved a brand new intraocular lens for use during cataract surgery. Since then, this brand new IOL has been making a big splash in the world of ophthalmology. Learn more about this amazing new technology and what it means for our clients here at Glacial!

Tecnis Symfony Logo

What Is Symfony?

The FDA recently approved a new intraocular lens called the TECNIS® Symfony IOL. Until very recently, no IOLs had been approved for the correction of presbyopia. When used to replace the natural lens inside the eye, the Symfony IOL simultaneously corrects cataracts and presbyopia!

The Symfony IOL allows patients with cataracts to finally have their full vision back.This includes close, intermediate and distance vision, making this IOL the first of its kind. Traditional IOLs used during cataract surgery may restore intermediate and distance vision, but do nothing to restore blurry near vision caused by presbyopia. With the brand new Symfony IOL, patients get the best of both worlds.

Who Qualifies For Symfony?

The Symfony IOL is for people who have presbyopia in addition to cataracts, and would like to regain their full vision. Typically, around the age of 40, people start to notice a decline in their near vision. This is the result of a common age-related refractive error called presbyopia. As we continue to age, it is common to also develop cataracts. These two age related conditions are easily corrected through the use of the Symfony IOL.

With the Symfony IOL, the need for reading glasses is almost completely eliminated. Those who are sick of reaching for their reading glasses to read their favorite book may benefit greatly from the Symfony IOL.

The Symfony IOL Procedure

The use of the Symfony IOL during cataract surgery does not change the actual procedure. The only difference is that when replacing the natural lens, the surgeon uses the Symfony IOL instead of the standard IOL. Soon after surgery, patients are able to see clearly, close up and far away.

Advancements in cataract surgery have been increasing greatly over time, but the creation of the Symfony IOL is one of the most exciting advancements in recent years.

Where Can I Have Symfony Performed?

As the Symfony IOL has only been available for a few months, it will take some time for it to become routinely used in all practices. That being said, if you live in Tennessee, New York, Louisiana, and Indiana, you’re in luck because there are practices that are already offering the Symfony IOL!