Posted on May 26, 2021

Two Facebook Updates For May 2021 To Keep On Your Radar

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Facebook, like many other social media platforms, is always updating and changing. In the month of May, there are two updates you need to know about. 

These include the following: changes to the Ads Manager with the rollout of iOS 14, and what Facebook removing its “Analytics” feature means for your practice! Read on to learn all about these two Facebook updates in the month of May! 

How the iOS update is affecting you

First is Facebook’s updates to go along with Apple’s newest update, iOS 14. We’ve already broken down exactly what iOS 14’s update will affect in the ads manager here.

Essentially, iOS 14 changes data collection across all apps, but Facebook’s reporting thrives on data collection. Now, individuals will need to opt-in to having their data collected from Facebook.

What you need to know is iOS’s 14’s rollout was at the end of April, so you will probably start seeing some changes to your reporting. This is due to people opting out of data collection. 

Our Social Media Marketing Director, Matt Fernandez, had this to say about the iOS 14 update: 

“While there is a possibility that campaign optimization could be affected by iOS 14, my expectation is that it will be more of a hindrance in terms of automated reporting than it will be on actual lead totals. If you do Facebook/Instagram marketing with Glacial, you should have a sigh of relief knowing that we have taken all the necessary steps to protect your ad campaigns and prepare for these iOS 14 changes.

If you aren’t currently doing Facebook/Instagram marketing with Glacial, I advise you to reach out to your agency to make sure they have taken the necessary steps so that your campaign isn’t abruptly shut down.”

Alongside the iOS 14 update, Facebook is shutting down its free Analytics tool on June 30th. Up until then you can still use the platform, access reports, export charts and tables and explore insights in your account.

What does Facebook shutting down its free Analytics tool mean for you?

Well, it depends. If you were using it to measure your Facebook performance, you’ll need to find a third party platform to analyze your metrics now. If you aren’t using it, nothing changes! 

Facebook still has its Insights tab on your page for a snapshot view of the data on your page, and it will still continue to communicate with all of the third party data social analysis tools. 

You’ll still be able to deep dive into your metrics, you just won’t be able to do it directly through Facebook anymore. Facebook has said this change is part of their efforts to “consolidate” their business tools.

If you have been relying on the Analytics tool, Facebook has recommended putting some time into the Business Suite, Ads Manager, and Events Manager if you still want to stay on their platform. 

For our clients, this change to Analytics will not affect any of Glacial’s reporting capabilities. 

We can continue to run reports and pull the full range of metrics for your Facebook and Instagram profiles without any problems. 

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