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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Should You Be Using Competitor Names as Keywords?

Using your competitor’s name in your keywords list has been a long standing battle in the paid search realm with one side advocating it and the other condemning it. Naturally, if someone is searching online for your direct competitor you may reason that they could use your services too, which is absolutely true. However, there… Read More

How Google’s New Algorithm May Change Your SEO

As we’ve stated before, the one thing you can rely on in the world of SEO is change – our friends at Google are always hard at work making sure that online searches return relevant results, and these searches are powered by an algorithm that is constantly being updated. Unfortunately, although these changes have the… Read More

Event Marketing Tool-Kit: Top Tips to Avoid an Empty Room

You’ve gotten your budget approved and the wheels are turning for an incredible practice event. Whether it’s a fundraiser, seminar, or trunk show, it’s likely that you’ve experienced a common, lingering fear: What if no one shows up? Glacial Multimedia has helped countless practices advertise and prepare for their big community moments, and we’ve picked… Read More

Boost Your Leads, SEO and Reputation Management with Healthgrades

You’ve probably heard the Glacial team ranting and raving about Healthgrades Premium Profiles for almost a year now. But do you know why we love this premium program so much? Leads. Reputation management. Search engine optimization. Those are three of the biggest stressors that we hear from our clients, and rightfully so. For those of… Read More

Millennials: Five Tips on Reaching the Most Ignored Demographic in Healthcare

Glacial Multimedia has been stressing the importance of marketing to millennials for a while now. Millennials are often stereotyped as being entitled or lazy. Whether you think that’s true or not, there’s no denying that they are our future. However, successfully appealing to millennials takes more than just acknowledging their existence. What are you doing… Read More

4 Reasons You Should Be Paying Close Attention to Content Marketing

In the internet marketing industry, it’s easy to get lost in the constant stream of buzzwords and fads. We know as well as anyone that marketing fads come and go. It’s up to us to decipher which of these marketing trends is here to stay, and which will be forgotten about in a couple months…. Read More

It’s Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month!

November is a month we all equate with fall, the beginning of the holiday season, and of course, Thanksgiving. Aside from being the pinnacle of all things autumn, did you know that November is also Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness month? If you’re an ophthalmologist, the answer is probably yes. If not, let’s take some time… Read More

Glacial Multimedia Launches New Website for Loden iVision Centers!

On October 6th of this year, Glacial Multimedia launched a new website for Loden iVision Centers! Located in Nashville, TN, Loden iVision Centers has long been a top competitor with a strong mission: to uniquely provide the most advanced vision technology and best possible care, while exceeding their patient’s expectations in every way. We believe… Read More

“New” Social Media: Becoming a Digital Advocate in 2017

We are continually getting closer to the year 2020 – it’s time to start thinking of your 20/20 eye acuity puns. More importantly, it’s time to reevaluate your social media presence as both a business and a healthcare practice. Social media has skyrocketed this past year. No longer is social media a way to just… Read More

Online Scheduler vs. Request An Appointment Form: Which One Works Best?

There have been tons of questions regarding online appointment scheduling for medical practices. It’s going to be more time consuming for staff, right? Will no-shows increase? Will anyone use it? Here’s the thing: online scheduling will save the practice money and increase booked appointments. Isn’t that what everyone wants? Request an Appointment VS. Online Scheduler… Read More

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